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Extend "delete previous" behavior


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Hi, Flo!


I don't expect this to be easy, since the current data structure only really leaves the place for one "previous" location. However, I'd like to be able to keep "recent" copies of certain applications, while having Ketarin automatically prune older versions.


This would function as a number assignment instead of true or false. More like a "keep previous" than "detele previous" downloaded file.


The number would indicate how many previous versions you want to keep, defaulting to 0 (=only current). I could configure it as 3, for example, and that would keep the current version, plus three prior versions.


In the specific case I need it for, iPhone iOS, a setting of "3" would preserve iOS 4.3.4 (current), and iOS 4.3.3, iOS 4.3.2 and iOS 4.3.1. Since these files can be huge (700mb/ea), it's important not to waste any more space than necessary, and the current option (delete previous) is either on (always delete previous versions) or off (manually remember to check the folder once in a while to delete older versions).

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+1. Need it to set it to 1 (following Shawn's specification), in order to keep the just downloaded version, along with the just preceding one. This is for a rollback solution in case latest version is buggy.


BTW, would appreciate if this potential change would also include a way to keep the second to last version in a built-in variable. Would allow to display it as a column besides updated version.

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i guess it would be better to have this option per application. Sure there could be general option + override application option, this could cover it all (it's only way of UI how to handle it, to select chkeckbox and then set application option, ...).

Then there's need to keep in mind sorting of versions by numbers instead of characters, due to problems with growing numerical series like .1 .10, ...

And yes, maybe it would be nice to have option for some users, whether older versions should be deleted, or just archived to specific folder.

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