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  3. I was experiencing a problem with the new global "On update failed" command. I'm leaving this comment to help others that might experience the same issue. I'm using it to log issues with apps and record as much about the event as possible. It was working pretty well most of the time, but randomly raised a file access error to the text file I was logging to. EVEN WITH error handling it still raised an error and locked up Ketarin at that point during a deadlock on the log file. It only erred when parallel downloads > 1. If I reduced it to 1 then I had no problems. I switched out the code from using Add-Content to piping to Out-File -Append. That works fine. The revised code I'm using is below. #### Append current log details Try{ ( "`nERROR:`t$($scategory)`t$($sslug)`t$($sname)`t$($sversion)" | Out-File Updates.txt -Append ) } Catch{ echo 'Can not write to Updates.txt'; echo "`nERROR:`t$($scategory)`t$($sslug)`t$($sname)`t$($sversion)"; } #### With the Out-File -Append method I am able to hike parallel downloads back up to 4 without problems. Still hoping for a more descriptive error handler so I can record much the same text that appears in the popup directly to the log. Also, will there be an option to disable the post-check-for-updates error popup? Thanks, @floele!
  4. Is there a way of trapping the specific error message for logging? I'd like to completely eliminate my reliance on the post-update-cycle popup.
  5. The short answer for Chrome is that they haven't updated their download locations in that long. They're doing it right. As for the search feature, I could have sworn it indicated whether you had individual results already installed. Maybe that needs a feature request?
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  7. When you open the database and add something, is it possible that once its been added to your main database that when you open the online database again whatever you added previously doesn't show up in the online list again? The list shows content that goes back to 2014 which funny enough is Google Chrome in the Top 50, but if I search Chrome it shows 2019, how come this hasn't updated? Thanks
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