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  2. https://www.sandboxie.com/ I already tried for multiple methods, that installer change contantly their installer and I did not found any variable for determinate a download URL.
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  4. Guest

    No caching 2

    Replying to this: Saving to a variable doesn't work either: everytime I access the variable it resolves its content again, i.e. it accesses the website again. Some websites I use have a quota and accessing the same content several times is counter-productive. Or maybe I'm just to stupid to do it right. For example, how would I make Ketarin read out the date and users of all posts of this conversation while accessing this site only once?
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  6. Let me know if you spot any issues. This is a major update, but so far everything seems normal to me.
  7. shawn

    Weird error

    Can you please share the XML? Select the item in Ketarin and copy (CTRL+C), then paste it here in a code block.
  8. Guest

    Weird error

    Trying to download a direct link to a java .jar file and it throws this error even with different jar files im trying to download.
  9. Guest

    No caching

    Often I need to extract several pieces of information from one and the same site for one application. I always assumed Ketarin would do clever caching so to load the site only once even if I access it through several variables. However now I checked and it doesn't. (I guess that's because all variables try to access the same site almost simultaneously before the site has fully loaded.) What's the best practice here? Save the complete site in a variable and then use the regexp function several times to extract the needed data?
  10. I was working on something else and found a link to the NSIS switch information page that might be useful for you. Notably, the /D switch must be the last parameter and NOT include quotes even if there are spaces in the path. The correct command then is: "{file}" /S /D=%LocalAppData%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods I would be concerned with this since it means that ampersands (&) in the username could result in executing files on the client side in the context of Ketarin. For example, a username like 'Bob & Sue" would translate to: "{file}" /S /D=c:\users\Bob & Sue\AppData\Local\
  11. Hi Shawn, thanks for reply. I wasn't able to get them to work so I just repacked all the exe's. It was a long process, but now all the exe's now work with silent install.
  12. They've changed the zeranoe Builds page several times over the years. I gave up parsing it long ago. I always parse the version number from ffmpeg.org here: https://ffmpeg.org/download.html#releases While that is the current "release" from the FFmpeg project, there is a small window where it might not be the actual release version on the zeranoe site (unlikely though since it's a triggered build). You could also get the version number directly from the Git repo here: https://git.ffmpeg.org/gitweb/ffmpeg.git/blob_plain/HEAD:/RELEASE Then you can use the latest-static dow
  13. The easy way is to use the multireplace function instead of the regexreplace function. {appname:multireplace:,:\::}
  14. It's entirely possible that they're not all using the same engine or have disabled the Silent switch. Have you tried the ones that don't work in automation from a command line to see if it's something with the download or permissions? LocalAppData is also a user-specific folder so, if you have Ketarin running elevated, they may not resolve.
  15. Yes, and it's actually quite easy. You can use either the Setup instructions or the after-updating script to perform your installation. The general process is: exit program install update start program How you exit the program depends on the program. Some you can trigger from outside so it can exit gracefully, others you'll end up using taskkill or pskill. This can be accomplished with taskkill using "taskkill.exe /IM excel.exe" where excel.exe is the program you need to kill. To start the program again just execute it (usually you'll want to use the full path).
  16. The sorting for variables is actually the result of a feature request. There's no functional difference. Variables that are not referenced still aren't processed and variables that depend on other variables are processed in the order that they are dependent. This was the behavior prior as well, the only change is that the variables are now sorted alphabetically.
  17. The upgrade to 1.8.11 caused havoc with my replace operations in the output filename (slashes and ampersands), too. Fixing 700+ profiles manually proved to be more than I was willing to do, so I ended up using DB4S end repairing all the replace commands using SQL. After that everything worked correctly.
  18. You can also prevent the BAK files being created by disabling the option at Settings, General, 'Automatically create database backups.'
  19. You can add a feature request to have search opened 24/7 here.
  20. The regex function is case sensitive (in contradiction to the wiki), the regexreplace function is not. Is this intended? How to replace colons with regexreplace? Escaping them doesn't work.
  21. I've tested this method with 20 .exe files, 16 out of the 20 installed just fine and the .exe's were installed silently to the correct folder. However 4 of the .exe downloaded fine, and said the installation was successful, but when I checked the the folder where they were suppose to install to they were no where to be found. Here is one of the .exe's I'm having trouble with: https://1drv.ws/u/s!AjyAcx9AtLxQhlao3RaXFJtCKi-N?e=oWbj1m If anyone could test this and be able to use /S silent install, and /D to install to a specific folder, that would be great.
  22. Ok I figured out why it wasn't installing to the correct path. It was because the ("") quotes around "%LocalAppData%\Activsion\CoDWaW\mods", removing the quotes installed the .exe to the correct path. It's strange because earlier I did remove the quotes and try to download, but upon saving the settings the quotes returned, although I am certain I removed them. I guess I just have to be more careful saving the settings and make sure the quotes are not there.
  23. So I've come back to trying to add the silent install but I am having problems with the "/D" switch. This is my setup, but when I run install, the .exe just installs to where the .exe was downloaded to and not to %LocalAppData%\Activsion\CoDWaW\mods". What am I doing wrong? Any help will be much appreciated.
  24. I have Ketarin setup as updater to all my portable programs. Some of them run 24/7 and I would like to kill/exit program if it is running and download new version, then restart killed program if it was running before. Is such a thing possible with Ketarin?
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