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  2. I just want to say thanks again for this, @floele. I was fiddling with my after-update scripts and this thread helped me fix another bug.
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  4. There are several examples on how to use 7-zip or UniExtract to extract compressed files in the wiki. Both 7-zip and UniExtract support RAR files. The syntax for the command-line version of 7-zip is: 7z x -y -o"{root}PATH\" "{file}" If you want to include a password you would do so like this: 7z x -y -p"th3p455w@rd" -o"{root}PATH\" "{file}"
  5. hi. How can Katarine software automatically extract the file downloaded with the RAR extension and save it in the same folder? Or if that folder has a password and we know its password, by what command does it automatically enter the password after the file is downloaded, and extract the file from rar mode?
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