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  2. Floele, What's a better way to contact you about a question I've got? I think JimH44 sent you one of my email addresses, so if email is good, just send me a note at that address, please. But for now, here's the question... Why are the menus built on MenuItem instead of the newer MenuStrip class? One of the bugs recently reported to me is actually a bug in Mono, as far as I can determine, but one which (mostly) goes away if I use a MenuStrip. But that's a lot of code changes, especially if there's a particular reason to avoid MenuStrip on Windows. Given that MenuStrip has been available since .NET 2.0, it seems like compatibility isn't an issue. Thanks!
  3. Can you show me some screenshots? Maybe you just need to use refresh in your web browser?
  4. Hmmm keep getting errors and seeing the root of the forum as well as the 2 robots text files.
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  6. All right. I just sent 4 pull requests for things that affect Windows, too, and don't require any kind of conditional compilation. It might make more sense to duplicate the issues in your repository, but that can look a little funny, too. I tried to copy enough context to see why the change is made.
  7. You should not have to change the regular expression itself, just the URL it's pointing to. Use the original template I posted but change the <Name> element (near the end) to Zemana and the bleeping computer URL to https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/zemana-antimalware/dl/294/
  8. OK, I think it's best to go through this bit for bit, so let's start with the pull requests
  9. Hi everyone, I upgraded our forum software to 4.4 now, please let me know if you notice any issues, thanks! Bets regards, Florian
  10. I'll submit a couple of pull requests later this week. As I said, I'd rather avoid the conditional compilation when possible. Some of the changes are removing functionality that doesn't make sense -- like running Windows installers, DOS-style batch files, Powershell scripts, etc, on Linux. Others are using alternate functionality -- for example, the Scintilla library doesn't work on Linux. There are also places where Win32 API code is called for an underlying object, even though there's a .NET method. I'm not sure if you're working around a bug of some sort or what. One example of this can be found in ControlRedrawLock. .NET provides SuspendLayout and ResumeLayout methods which work fine on Linux under Mono, but calling SendMessage obviously would not. There's enough of this, especially the disabling of power shell, running the installers, etc., that I think conditional compilation does start to get messy. I'm not looking forward to maintaining it, anyway. The only one I'm aware of so far is the use of MyDownloader, which is under the Code Project Open License (CPOL). See https://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#cpol for info on why it's incompatible with the GPL. I've asked the original author if he would consider releasing it also under the GPL or another license which is compatible, but I haven't seen a response yet. Fortunately, you appear to be using only its most basic functionality, which is simple enough to replicate, although still annoying. Some licenses, like MIT and BSD-derived licenses don't require that you re-license the code in order to distribute it, so either of those would be compatible with CPOL code. The GPL requires that everything on which the code depends either be GPL or in a separate library that came with the operating environment. As I said, it's a grey area for original authors, and it's accepted practice to distribute an original work under the GPL with some dependent code that's not under the GPL, but it's always been clear that derivative works can't do that.
  11. That's no issue with the Ketarin source though as far as I can see. Maybe you need to rebuild the solution?
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