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  3. Yes, "$ Remote Tools" already exists. Adding the trailing backslash did not resolve the problem (i.e. no error messages received from the "Run" dialog, and the files were not copied to the intended directory) Thanks for the tip on the global variables. Will implement them after I get these copy commands to work. Harry Z
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  5. Mahalo for the replies. Sorry for the delay in responding, but I did not receive a notification that there was a reply. I will test out your suggestions and provide an update. Harry Z.
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  7. Create Log

    I double click the batch file Contains: @ECHO OFF start "" /wait G:\Home\Ketarin.exe /database=G:\Home\ home_apps /log=G:\Home\filename.log EXIT It loads the file, Ketarin opens, it creates a log file but the log file is empty. I leave Ketarin open for awhile in case too many apps, but it seems if I have 500 or 5 the log file is still empty. What am I missing here, can't be this hard. I also checked the log permissions and changed the permissions so its full control and not read only. It doesn't seem to make a difference if the file is home_apps or home_apps.db It creates the log file just nothing is written to it. I've also tested from a command prompt and elevated and same thing. Thanks for trying to help me.
  8. General tutorial for ketarin?

    the functions are regularly updated. a single walkthru couldn't possibly cover every feature, which is why the forum exists. the difference between "save to file" and "save in folder" is that in "save to file" you're explicitly giving the destination file a name, whereas in "save to folder" you're using the name of the downloaded file directly (some applications expect specific file names or patterns) as provided by the server.
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    are you double-clicking the batch file or running it from a command prompt? have you tried running the command with full paths applied? (start "" /wait k:\Ketarin.exe /database=k:\home_apps /log=k:\FILENAME.log) please share the EXACT command line you're using as it appears in the batch file.
  10. you could also add "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\" to the path then just use 7z.exe
  11. im having difficulty understanding what ketarin can actually do and how to use it. for example, i have no idea what the "save to file" option does as opposed to "save to folder". i read through the wiki tutorial but its not very helpful at all, its actually annoyingly vague. i could go through all the posts in the "tips and tutorials" section of this forum but that would be way too tedious and still wont help me much. is the anywhere i can get a general walkthrough of all ketarins functions that explains it simply?
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    I am running the command from a batch file Yes running the batch file from where Ketarin is located Database is in the same directory next to batch and ketarin Windows 10 Home No networks Standard process
  13. There is an option to set the number of parallel downloads and the timeout time. Open your settings by pressing CTRL+T, switch to Connection and modify the connection timeout delay and the max. number of parallel downloads according to your wishes.
  14. Aloha! Would it be possible to post the contents of the log file? Is $ Remote Tools an existing directory? Add a backslash \ to the end of your folder names and try it again. COPY /V /Y "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\$ Remote Tools\" COPY /V /Y "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexpl.reg" "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\" COPY /V /Y "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "C:\Tools\" If the file path never changes and to keep the script area clean, you can use global variables. If you do not always want to write D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\, you can shorten it to something like {haoleboy}. Open your settings (CTRL + T), switch to Global variables, create a variable called haoleboy, for example. Add D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders as value. If you want to use a script the next time, you can shorten it. COPY /V /Y "{haoleboy}\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "{haoleboy}\$ Tools\$ Remote Tools\" COPY /V /Y "{haoleboy}\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexpl.reg" "{haoleboy}\$ Tools\" COPY /V /Y "{haoleboy}\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "C:\Tools\" Same for 7zip. Create a variable called 7z for example and set the value to C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe If you want to use 7zip the next time, then you can do it like this: "{7z}" x "{file}" -o"{file:directory}" -y
  15. I'm using Ketarin 1.8.7 on Windows 10 1703. I only use it for keeping my installation files up-to-date (don't install anything using Ketarin). For some of the applications, I need to copy one or more of the files to a couple of different locations on my machine (local drives, not a network drive). Here's what the "after downloading" commands look like: =================== "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x "{file}" -o"{file:directory}" -y copy "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\$ Remote Tools" copy "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexpl.reg" "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\$ Remote Tools" copy "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "C:\Tools" =================== When in the edit window, I can click 'Run' and I get a window message box saying that the script executed successfully. When I look at the various directories involved, I can see that the unzip command worked, but none of the following commands succeeded. I'm not sure if they are not actually executed or if they fail for some reason. If I "rem" out the first command, the 2nd command works, but the 3rd and 4th do not. Same if I 'rem' out the first 2 commands the 3rd works, etc. I've copied the 2nd - 4th lines into a .bat file and it executes the commands without an error, so I don't think I have a syntax problem. I'll be happy to collect whatever documentation you need, just tell me what and how to do it. Mahalo! (Thank You!) Harry Z
  16. Yeah, maybe they force limit based on country as well. Still got randomly disconnected from their server, but not as often as before. I also got new type of error: The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine happened just once, its gone on the next update checking. Is there any option to interval delay between update / update check globally or individually? I my case this error usually happened on batch update/checking, but not when I do it manually one by one in a certain time interval. Thanks a lot..
  17. this is one where you get to get creative. the URL is based on a constant prefix and suffix plus the version number, so instead of harvesting the link, build it. collect the version number into a variable named version with the following regular expression: >SQL Enlight ([\d\.]+)< then build the URL as: http://ubitsoft.com/downloads/sqlenlight_{version}.exe
  18. Tried a variety of approaches, and wondering if this is a simple process that I'm just not approaching correctly. http://ubitsoft.com/sql-enlight/download I want to parse out the download link, but it seems to be hidden in the ::AFTER block that is populated by the javascript button click, so I don't get any luck in parsing the raw html, or finding any POST request being sent. How would you extract out the exe version info to download from this site?
  19. It looks like this is a server-side limitation. I have the same problem with your imported XML. As soon as the downloads from this server are limited to a single download (see picture) everything works without problems.
  20. Windows 8.1 x64 Ketarin beta This error happened a lot when trying to download httpd from apachelounge.com, but sometimes (randomly) it connected and successfully download the file. I've tried changing some setting, but nothing seems to work flawlessly, always random time out and transport connection error. Global connection setting set to 10s timeout, 1 parallel, 1 retries, 1 segment. This is the log and see attachment for the ruleset: 21/08/2017 9:11:44: Update started with 4 application(s) 21/08/2017 9:11:46: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15: Replacing {version} in 'https://www.apachelounge.com/download/VC15/binaries/httpd-{version}-win32-VC15.zip' with '2.4.27' 21/08/2017 9:11:46: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15: Using referer: https://www.apachelounge.com/download/ 21/08/2017 9:11:46: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15: Server source file: /download/VC15/binaries/httpd-2.4.27-win32-VC15.zip 21/08/2017 9:11:46: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15: Determined target file name: D:\Unduhan\Pengembang\httpd-2.4.27-win32-VC15.zip 21/08/2017 9:11:46: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15: Checking if update is required... 21/08/2017 9:11:46: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15: Update required, 'D:\Unduhan\Pengembang\httpd-2.4.27-win32-VC15.zip' does not yet exist 21/08/2017 9:12:36: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15: Failed, Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. 21/08/2017 9:12:46: HTTPd - 64bit-vc15 (sig): Failed, The operation has timed out 21/08/2017 9:12:57: HTTPd - 32bit-vc15 (sig): Failed, The operation has timed out 21/08/2017 9:13:07: HTTPd - 64bit-vc15: Failed, The operation has timed out 21/08/2017 9:13:07: Update finished Can anyone help figure out whats wrong with this? Thanks. httpd.xml
  21. Create Log

    @jokerfool, you didn't actually answer any of my questions or provide details about what happens when you run the commands i shared. change it to reference your actual database name and tell us what happens. if it doesn't work, please answer ALL of the following questions so we can help (if in doubt, provide more information than you think is necessary, not less): are you running it from a command prompt? a batch file? a shortcut? are you running the command from in the directory where ketarin is located, or is the ketarin.exe file stored in a different folder within the path? is the database file in the 'start in' or current directory? what are the 'start in' directory and current directory? have you tried running the command with full paths applied? (start "" /wait k:\Ketarin.exe /database=k:\home_apps /log=k:\FILENAME.log) what version of windows are you running? are network paths involved? is it being run as a standard process or elevated?
  22. Create Log

    So when I run that command this is what happens and yes the database is in the same directory as the exe I run the batch file, Ketarin opens, the cmd window closes, this file is created home_apps.db_2017-08-19.bak I close Ketarin and that's it. So nothing is exported to XML Nothing in the AppData folder I also don't get any file created ending in .log.
  23. Create Log

    The first command opens Ketarin, performs a database export as XML and closes Ketarin. The second command starts Ketarin with the specified database. Regarding your problem. Where is your database file located? Is your database in the same folder as the EXE? Does another database exist in %AppData%?
  24. Create Log

    Doesnt do anything, Ketarin opens then you close it and nothing, no log files appear.
  25. Create Log

    This one of my old scripts but still working. Try this: @ECHO OFF cd /d %~dp0 SET CURHOUR=%CURHOUR: =0% set year=%date:~6,4% set yr=%date:~8,2% set month=%date:~3,2% set day=%date:~0,2% set hour=%time:~0,2% set hour=%hour: =0% set min=%time:~3,2% set sec=%time:~6,2% ECHO . ECHO STARTING KETARIN... START ketarin.exe /database=home_apps.db /export=home_apps-%year%-%month%-%day%_%hour%%min%%sec%.xml PING -n 5 localhost > NUL START ketarin.exe /database=home_apps.db /log=log-%year%-%month%-%day%_%hour%%min%%sec%.log PING -n 5 localhost > NUL REN home_apps.db_*.bak home_apps.db_%year%-%month%-%day%_%hour%%min%%sec%.bak EXIT
  26. Create Log

    Any help please?
  27. Create Log

    This command wont work because it doesn't have a trailing .db start "" /wait Ketarin.exe /database=home_apps.db /log=FILENAME.log Its just home_apps It also produces an empty result if I try and add the .db onto the end of it. Also the backup file thats created its usually 1.4MB and now its only 21k
  28. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    Thank you. It was a silly user(my) error, pardon me.
  29. Updating Bug

    Another option is to dynamically parse the zip file. As it is you're just extracting the contents to a destination folder and preserving destination filenames (7z x -o). You have a couple options. 1) you could remove the destination folder completely before extraction. rd /s /q "{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\" 7z x "{file}" -o"{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\" -y del /q "{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\*.zip" This method removes the entire folder, of course, so you don't want to do that if you're downloading other apps to "Blah". I use this method for ISOs that come in zip files or are distributed via torrent, so that the resulting folder includes ONLY the new ISO. 2) You could opt instead to parse the zip file with "7z l" then individually process its contents. This takes a more tolerant and forward-thinking approach, especially if the contents are not in a consistent format. For example: FOR /F "tokens=6* delims= " %%a IN ('7z l {file}') DO ( set test=%%a if not "!test:important=!"=="!test!" echo [7z e "{file}" -o"{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\" -y "%%a"] ) Replace "important" with a portion of the filename that you need to extract, and it will only execute on those files that match that pattern.
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