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  1. note on passwords - if the password has a special character then quoting will help but in some cases (such as caret, pipe and doublequote) will still need to be escaped for it to work. Use a caret to escape most characters, and echo to test it: ECHO. This is the quoted password: "Princess^|1"
  2. Based on those settings I suspect the problem is most likely the unquoted password or LSA access. Passwords tend to have non-alphanumeric characters, and if the password has a caret (^), ampersand (&), parenthesis ("(" or ")"), space, doublequote ("), or one of several other characters then it'll fail to authenticate because those characters are being treated differently from the command line. You should be able to check the errorlevel to determine if that's that case: swithmail.exe ... IF %errorlevel%==1 ECHO.Something is wrong with sending email. If it's really a Gmail account then the other likely issue is that you haven't yet enabled LSA/"less secure apps" for that account. Verify that this is enabled and try again.
  3. Yes. Use the option "Ignore file information (do not redownload if file is missing)". This seems to be a popular topic right now.
  4. ah - filehippo. hash checking is imposed on all filehippo apps, and unfortunately, their site sometimes doesn't work or consistently allow for content scraping. currently, the MD5 hash is on the "Technical" page here. while the MD5 does match that of the file, it's most likely a matter of scrape failure. @floele - it looks like there might be a problem with FH again
  5. It should also be noted that the nomenclature for these specific xml files are called "applications". and there's a reason for that. Ketarin also has template support which allows future apps from a given provider (such as sourceforge, wordpress.org, or something similar) to be able to have most options prefilled and allow drop-down population for other options. Check it out.
  6. you can also use a dotted path ("..\log.txt") - which is what I do for my log.
  7. yeah, i'm afraid email notifications from the forum are rather hit and miss. mostly miss. they usually come from which is hosted via Hetzner Online (aka Hos-Gun) which has a *lot* of spammers hosted as well. Not on that IP, but on the same provider, which tends to mean the entire provider gets blacklisted by many mail services. you might have better luck by adding that IP and noreply @ canneverbe.com to your whitelist.
  8. the real difference is context. "post-update" is still within the download/update process, so it's best used for things like purging archival copies, fluff information or passing off the download for secondary processing (such as torrents to aria2). you can still use flags at this point to indicate whether it's succeeded or failed. i think the error you're seeing is really more about the process termination. i'm not familiar with the application you're using, but i've had great success with pskill: pskill -t Ditto.exe This kills all processes that match that name *and* all child threads. It also doesn't "return" to continue processing until it either succeeds or fails. i suspect that the other one may continue processing before completely killing the process, which means the next step won't work (copying over the new file). The first time you run it you'll need to "allow" it and accept the license agreement, which stores a registry flag so you won't be prompted again in the future.
  9. On each individual affected application you can check the box on the Advanced tab that reads "Ignore file information (do not re-download if file is missing)" to get the same effect. The version number is stored within Ketarin (as long as it's been previously downloaded at least once) so you don't need to keep the archive of apps locally. I use this for large blobs like zipped ISOs and torrents that are ultimately stored in different paths than where the Ketarin app cache is located. I'm happy to provide an example if you would like. I think most of your issues are related to that checkbox. As for the exit codes - I agree, there should be a pre-update exit code to effect an "ok/current" status. @floele can you please implement this?
  10. The online database can be found here, or by clicking the chevron next to "Add new application" and selecting "import from online database"
  11. And is the hash-value drop-down set to "(None)" or MD5?
  12. do you have a variable or other value in the Advanced, "Compare with hash value" setting?
  13. Updated
  14. @necrox - can you either share a link to the specific app in the repository or share your XML? this will help us troubleshoot. thanks!