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  1. Could not create SSL/TLS

    thank you for sharing, @herbert2 ! be aware that this change affects every .net application on your system, including Office 365, some application updaters and more. while it's a good security fix to employ in a general sense, some third-party stuff doesn't behave with strong security, so this change can break certain apps that communicate with sites that don't support TLS 1.2
  2. unexpected error occurred on a send

    i'm afraid this is a known issue, too. re-checking will often allow it to download.
  3. unexpected error occurred on a send

    This is a known issue and was at least partly resolved in 1.8.8 beta 4. Please try the beta and let us know if you continue to experience problems.
  4. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    @jokerfool - drag & drop the column header in the main display.
  5. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    You can use "{property:FileHippoId}" - though if it's populated and you've since switched to a standard download, it will still present as a FileHippo download.
  6. Update doesn't fail gracefully

    would you rather it fail, or download as a single segment and report that it could not be segmented in the log?
  7. Update doesn't fail gracefully

    understood. i think the correct logic fix is to treat invalid segment length and starting byte values as errors and download as a single segment under those conditions, writing an error to the log, but not displaying anything to the user directly. what are your thoughts @Narnia524? @floele - bug report
  8. Update doesn't fail gracefully

    Also, what is the value you have in "settings", "connection", "number of segments per download"? If it's other than 1, please try one and see if you continue to experience the problem.
  9. Update doesn't fail gracefully

    can you please post your existing app xml (select the one with issues and press CTRL+C) so we can duplicate?
  10. Could not submit to the online database

    Only authors can update their submitted applications. If you want to fix one: copy it out, edit out the Guid of the specific ApplicationJob, change the name, then paste it back in, you can modify it and submit it as a new entry. It doesn't look like there have been any updates to the online applications listing in the last 7 months. I believe they're moderated, though I don't have access myself. There have been database issues in the past that caused problems with submission and management of the apps, often as a result of server changes. Hey, @floele and @crrodriguez we might have an application database issue again. I know there was mention that an update to the forum software might cause problems and require a rewrite of the applications extension. Unfortunately, any added features, such as scoring or moderation, require labor to make it happen, and that's the most difficult part for open source projects like Ketarin.
  11. ms update catalog sorting

    hi, xmas! I'm afraid not, since they use ASP.NET postbacks in order to interact with the content. You could, however, use something like a C# variable to parse the contents and structure it the way you want. There are other ways of getting the content than via the MS Catalog such as by extracting the update.cab file. What specifically are you getting from the catalog.
  12. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    @floele - looks like the TLS 1.2 bug still persists on Filehippo.
  13. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    Some servers don't tell the client how big something is until it's done downloading. Other servers do. Ketarin can only show the size if the server tells us.
  14. You can use "vacuum" on the jobs.db to shrink it. This will purge unneeded archival data that has been marked for deletion but not actually removed. There are other suggestions at the link, too. However, the safest way of purging your database if you're concerned about privacy matters, is to create a new one. Vacuum only purges data it knows to delete - there's always a chance it won't know, so recreating the jobs.db ensures that it only has access to the new information. From the main Ketarin window: Select all, CTRL+C, open notepad, paste. Also go to the global settings (custom columns, global variables, global actions) and copy those out and label them so you know where they go when you create a new one and remove the ones you don't want/need anymore. Rename the jobs.db to something like jobs-20171213.db, then reopen Ketarin. You'll have a blank new jobs.db, so go back and recreate the global settings first, then copy the original "select all" backup from notepad and paste it right back into Ketarin. This will put all your application profiles back.
  15. Columns Question

    I'd need a little more to go with to be able to provide an effective answer. Ketarin is a client-side application. It can be run on many different OSes, but it doesn't operate as a server itself. Assuming you're hosting your content on either a shared drive or a web server somewhere, sure: net use y: \\server\ketarin dir /b /s y:\ net use y: /delete Or, for a web server you can do pretty much the same thing with PHP, ASP, Perl, or many other languages. Or, just use the .htaccess "Options +Indexes" rule. (be careful though, it can be dangerous to tell people what is on a public-facing web-server.)