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  1. shawn

    How to install font by ketarin

    An EXE isn't a font, so it won't install the fonts by copying the file. You'll need to extract it or run it to extract the fonts. Sometimes you can use "/S" to install it silently, but 7z should be able to extract if it's just a self-installing exe. Doesn't hurt to try, anyway. I would run this from a command line first to test it out: 7z e 214fa.exe If that results in your fonts being extracted then you're good to go. You just need to change the output directory and use a full path to the file. Something like this: 7z e -o"%windir%\fonts" "{file}" *.ttf *.otf *.ttc *.fon
  2. shawn

    reg file

    use a complete path to the reg files. regedit.exe /s "{root}\Apps\Tweaks\ie.reg" regedit.exe /s "{root}\Apps\Tweaks\oeminfo.reg" regedit.exe /s "{root}\Apps\Tweaks\photo viewer.reg" regedit.exe /s "{root}\Apps\Tweaks\remove.reg"
  3. Most likely the drive letter changed. Ketarin stores the complete path to the downloaded file, not the relative path. This means that if the drive you're running Ketarin on within your own computer maps it as E: and other computers you run it on map it as F: or G: then it won't be visible and will need to be reparsed before it'll run. A simple solution is to change the drive letter of your device to match the drive letter you originally downloaded stuff on. I use "K:". There is a sample script to automate this here.
  4. omid

    I thank you for your guidance. But I still can not install fonts.
    I go from all directions, maybe I do it wrong.
    can i ask you a favor
    With anydesk, explain this to me remotely and do it for me?
    Set an hour for me to access you remotely.
    Or in the forum?

  5. shawn

    How to install font by ketarin

    If you're installing many fonts, then using a zip would be faster. I've never seen 7-Zip as part of a Ketarin distribution. Based on the image it looks like you installed or extracted the 7-Zip package into that folder. 7-Zip is released in both 32-bit and 64-bit formats. The 32-bit format will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. For the purposes of running the "7z" command (7z.exe) you only actually need the 7z.exe file, everything else can be removed. It does need to be located within some directory in the system path, however. 7-Zip works with zip, rar, cab and many other compression formats. If the font file isn't compressed then you can use just the commands with "*" for many files, but if each Ketarin Application is a different font then you could use a more generic command: copy "{file}" "%windir%\Fonts" This would install the font by copying the individual file downloaded into the Fonts folder, regardless of format. It does expect that the file is a real font file, of course. Since zip files are files, if you were going to use a font.zip file you'd need to download it "to a file". You can't use "font.zip" as a folder name and have it still be a real compressed file.
  6. Are you performing an "update and install" or just an "install"? The error would occur if you were attempting to use the "update and install" or if any variables you were using within your install script depended upon an active internet connection. I use the following to install Firefox: ECHO.[Install] >"%AppData%\firefox.ini" ECHO.InstallDirectoryName=Mozilla Firefox>>"%AppData%\firefox.ini" ECHO.QuickLaunchShortcut=false>>"%AppData%\firefox.ini" ECHO.MaintenanceService=true>>"%AppData%\firefox.ini" "{file}" /INI="%AppData%\firefox.ini"
  7. shawn

    How to install font by ketarin

    In the last two examples the 7-zip command-line application is used. There are samples and suggestions in the Wiki of how this can work for you.
  8. shawn

    How to install font by ketarin

    Alternatively, you could extract directly to the Fonts folder by selecting only those font file types with this:
  9. shawn

    How to install font by ketarin

    The above assumes that the downloaded file ("{file}") is a single font file of any standard format (otf, fon, ttf, ttc). This would be true as long as you're downloading fonts individually. If you're actually downloading a fontpack or zip or something, in which case you'd need to extract them first. I recommend extracting them to a temporary folder or your 214FA folder to prevent extracting garbage information. That would look something closer to this:
  10. shawn

    How to install font by ketarin

    the path your using is wrong. "start process" expects the name of an application, such as xcopy. you don't need to use the "start process" wizard but rather the "copy file" wizard. it would look like this:
  11. shawn

    Unexpected EOF

    If you have access to the server hosting the files, I'd look at the logs to see if there were a server-side reason why those requests were unfulfilled. If you don't have access to the logs I would first try setting the application "advanced" option to "don't download simultaneously with other applications" to minimize the chance of overloading the server. If you don't want to hit a single-threading limit that this checkbox imposes you could try reducing the global "connection" setting "number of parallel downloads" to a smaller number. I recommend no more than 2 or 3 if you have many apps on the same server. Too much load will get you blocked or even banned, or will result in the server or gateway using the user-agent header within their filtering rules, hurting all of your downloads or potentially all of *our* downloads.
  12. shawn

    Ketarin on GitHub

    Thanks, @floele! I might actually start reviewing the code myself, now.
  13. shawn

    Auto-Extracting archives

    7z x "{file}" -o"C:\your output folder\" -y
  14. shawn

    How to install font by ketarin

    It's ridiculously simple to "install" a font: copy "fontfile.otf" "%windir%\fonts"
  15. shawn

    Ketarin 1.8.10 beta 2

    awesome! I feel like this release is all about my requests. Thanks, @floele!

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