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  1. shawn

    mydigitallife error 520

    have you tried changing the user-agent to a standard string such as "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko"?
  2. shawn

    Reordering variables

    @efors, I agree. I'll try to make the time to do that in the next few weeks. If you're up to doing it yourself you can be granted access to edit the wiki.
  3. shawn

    Variable List options

    thank you!
  4. shawn

    Close Log with ESC / STRG-L

    correct. the latest build does add hotkeys for other behaviors, so it should be possible to configure these as well (once it's added to the interface).
  5. shawn

    Extend "delete previous" behavior

    I like the way aria2 does it -- basically the same as linux log rotation where the files are bumped "name.1.ext" to "name.n.ext" where n is the limit of copies you wish to maintain.
  6. shawn

    Persistent status column value

    the ability to track specific pre-download and post-download events already exists. there's a relatively recent thread (about 3 or 4 months maybe?) that demonstrates the ability to add a LastUpdated variable that is updated automatically after an update is downloaded. perhaps a better solution is to add error handling as a Command (like pre-download/post-download) that can run on-error. this would allow better automation to address issues that are discovered. @floele - what do you think?
  7. shawn

    Variable List options

    @floele, can we get a tab to that page added to the forum? I tried to find the link the other day and just couldn't find it.
  8. shawn

    Failed, could not find file...

    @soeka the log you posted and the config you posted are not the same. There's no way that the config you shared ("Mikrotik ARM (all)") would get that file, since it never references the Bugfix folder. Most likely there is an issue with your "bugfix" config and that's the one that's having problems. I suspect that the folder "D:\Unduhan\Jaringan\Mikrotik\Bugfix" just needs to be created so that Ketarin can write your file to it.
  9. "version":"([\d\.+])"
  10. shawn

    Failed, could not find file...

    Most commonly this problem happens in either of these situations: 1) The destination drive letter has changed (such as a removable device that is no longer the original drive letter). Are you still downloading to the D: drive? That is, does "{path-download}" still reference "D:\Unduhan" and not something different like "J:\Unduhan" or "D:\Unduhan\" (note the trailing slash)? 2) The hash is invalid. This could be from added spaces, tabs, or other invalid characters that are being collected incorrectly. It's also possible that since you're not using capture that this could be the problem. Use this instead: (?<={url:filename}: )([a-z0-9]{64})
  11. shawn

    Ketarin not decoding data in HTML

    it's bad form within the URI specification, but it's an edge case so browsers will usually allow it anyway. this is "HTML-encoded" (uses an ampersand escape) not "URL-encoded" (uses a percentage escape). URI's are supposed to be encoded with URL-encoding. in situations like these I would recommend you pre-parse the URL by performing a replacement operation on it. {url:replace:&#43;:+} Alternatively, you could pass it to multireplace to swap out a series of broken encodings like this (or any other string selections you wanted to replace).
  12. shawn

    Cant' submit app to online database

    is there a reason why you're using int instead of datetime? i can't imagine it would be anywhere near as useful as an integer.
  13. shawn

    Cant' submit app to online database

    The error suggests that the field isn't really a timestamp or date field, but is being using an epoch or something instead. @floele what's the field structure of the CreatedAt column? If you'd like to take this offline you can email me.