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  1. General tutorial for ketarin?

    the functions are regularly updated. a single walkthru couldn't possibly cover every feature, which is why the forum exists. the difference between "save to file" and "save in folder" is that in "save to file" you're explicitly giving the destination file a name, whereas in "save to folder" you're using the name of the downloaded file directly (some applications expect specific file names or patterns) as provided by the server.
  2. Create Log

    are you double-clicking the batch file or running it from a command prompt? have you tried running the command with full paths applied? (start "" /wait k:\Ketarin.exe /database=k:\home_apps /log=k:\FILENAME.log) please share the EXACT command line you're using as it appears in the batch file.
  3. you could also add "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\" to the path then just use 7z.exe
  4. this is one where you get to get creative. the URL is based on a constant prefix and suffix plus the version number, so instead of harvesting the link, build it. collect the version number into a variable named version with the following regular expression: >SQL Enlight ([\d\.]+)< then build the URL as: http://ubitsoft.com/downloads/sqlenlight_{version}.exe
  5. Create Log

    @jokerfool, you didn't actually answer any of my questions or provide details about what happens when you run the commands i shared. change it to reference your actual database name and tell us what happens. if it doesn't work, please answer ALL of the following questions so we can help (if in doubt, provide more information than you think is necessary, not less): are you running it from a command prompt? a batch file? a shortcut? are you running the command from in the directory where ketarin is located, or is the ketarin.exe file stored in a different folder within the path? is the database file in the 'start in' or current directory? what are the 'start in' directory and current directory? have you tried running the command with full paths applied? (start "" /wait k:\Ketarin.exe /database=k:\home_apps /log=k:\FILENAME.log) what version of windows are you running? are network paths involved? is it being run as a standard process or elevated?
  6. Updating Bug

    Another option is to dynamically parse the zip file. As it is you're just extracting the contents to a destination folder and preserving destination filenames (7z x -o). You have a couple options. 1) you could remove the destination folder completely before extraction. rd /s /q "{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\" 7z x "{file}" -o"{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\" -y del /q "{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\*.zip" This method removes the entire folder, of course, so you don't want to do that if you're downloading other apps to "Blah". I use this method for ISOs that come in zip files or are distributed via torrent, so that the resulting folder includes ONLY the new ISO. 2) You could opt instead to parse the zip file with "7z l" then individually process its contents. This takes a more tolerant and forward-thinking approach, especially if the contents are not in a consistent format. For example: FOR /F "tokens=6* delims= " %%a IN ('7z l {file}') DO ( set test=%%a if not "!test:important=!"=="!test!" echo [7z e "{file}" -o"{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Blah\" -y "%%a"] ) Replace "important" with a portion of the filename that you need to extract, and it will only execute on those files that match that pattern.
  7. Create Log

    based on the command line you've shared there are two possible issues. 1) is "home_apps" the full name of the database, or is it actually to be "home_apps.db"? The full file name is required. 2) assuming you're shelling it out using the start command, the syntax for start.exe should be: start "" Ketarin.exe /database=home_apps.db /log=FILENAME.log Start is a pain in that you always have to pass the window title as the first parameter or stuff just doesn't work. Empty quotes are the most common way of getting that done. And finally, I assume you're also aware that the log file will not be written until Ketarin is closed. If you're trying to generate the log then continue processing, you'll actually want to use the "/wait" parameter for start as well, as so: start "" /wait Ketarin.exe /database=home_apps.db /log=FILENAME.log "/wait" ensures that command processing doesn't continue until Ketarin is closed. This would allow the next line of your batch to read the log file, for example.
  8. Sorry for the delay in responding. This is the problem: <CheckForUpdatesOnly>true</CheckForUpdatesOnly> With this option selected, which equates to the application, Advanced settings, "Do not download, check for updates only" checkbox, it will -- as desired -- ONLY check for updates and NOT download new files, even if it discovers that a newer version is available. UNCHECK this box to enable it to download as well.
  9. i viewed your GIF. this is most likely a problem with the specific application (HiddeX). please share the Ketarin XML for that application and I'll investigate why it's not working. I suspect that what the website has (and what is in the "download" field) is *not* a unique file based on the version, but rather a "stub" or generic installation package that actually downloads the rest of the installation package during installation. To get the Ketarin XML: select the HiddeX application from the list and press CTRL+C. Return to this thread, click the "code <>" button, and paste the XML in there.
  10. anything you want. i typically use "http://example.com/" just so there's a valid URL in it.
  11. Based on your description it's working as intended. Ketarin doesn't re-download files that are already downloaded. To do so would be a waste of resources. You can use the "force" option to make it re-download, but that's rarely necessary once you have your apps configured correctly. The default behavior is to check for updates and download updates if they are newer than what is already downloaded. To "check for updates only" click the chevron next to "update all" and select "check all for updates only, do not download." Some sites actually publish a stub instead of the real application, or don't have the new version published to the download URL when they change the version information, so you may experience problems where the version number is different but the actual content is not. The biggest issue you are likely to experience from your message above is the "taking it somewhere else" and checking for updates. If the drive letter or path changes to your Ketarin cache then there's a good chance that there will be obscure problems with the downloads. Some files may be forced to download again, or, if the path in your output structure is invalid they will not be able to download at all. There are workarounds posted here to accomplish it anyway (such as remapping your USB to a different drive letter). Search forum for details.
  12. and finally, you don't need to use ping since swithmail has its own return code - which means it doesnt execute outside of the current process. the cmd should wait and not move on to the next line until it has completed and returned either success or failure.
  13. the first echo line is going to be problematic. any app name with an ampersand is going to create issues. as will other special characters. it also has embedded quotes which might create issues. I'd change it to this: echo.%date% - %time% // {appname:replace:&:^&} v{version:replace:&:^&} - "{file:targetpath}" >> "{root}\centralfiles\KetarinHistory.txt" echo.{category:replace:&:^&} /// {appname:replace:&:^&} {version:replace:&:^&} >> "{root}\centralfiles\Ketarinlog.txt" the swithmail line doesn't actually have an attachment. the errorlevel check is after ping, so it's checking the error status of ping NOT the error status of swithmail. have you tried running ONLY the swithmail line on its own in a command prompt window? (no, it won't have the attachment, but it might report an errorlevel that tells you why it failed) to add an attachment you'll need to use this syntax -- note that i added "/test" so you could get a visual indicator of failure: SwithMail.exe /TEST /s /from "emailsender@gmail.com" /pass "myexactpassword" /server smtp.gmail.com /p 25 /to "emailreceiver@gmail.com" /subject "KetarinToolbox update" /attachment "{root}\centralfiles\KetarinHistory.txt" /body "All application has been updated, error is in the log file attachment."
  14. Updating Bug

    is that one on filehippo as well?
  15. Cant' submit app to online database

    @Rainie - I don't see an app guid on your profile. note that it must be uppercase and have the braces around the guid as well: "{7121D2DD-DDD6-450C-9B70-77AFB6487B7D}"