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  1. @omid - you can search for apps directly within Ketarin using the chevron beside "Add new application" and selecting "Import from online database...". @floele - has there been a reset to the forum Apps database or an update to the forum that might prevent it from functioning?
  2. this may be a side-effect of a forum update. it's caused this kind of problem in the past.
  3. Documentation is available at the wiki: https://wiki.ketarin.org/index.php/Ketarin_Wiki
  4. Ketarin is not a git client. It does support triggers, so you could configure Ketarin to perform a git clone instead of updating by downloading the zip or whatever. Setup your app in Ketarin with some method to parse for changes (such as version number or the timestamp of the changelog), then use the "before updating" command to call your git clone.
  5. They're probably performing user-agent validation. I just tried the link with a browser, curl, wget, and with curl using a Chrome user-agent. None failed. I even tried using curl with the default Ketarin user-agent ("Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+Ketarin;++https://ketarin.org/)") and that worked too. You have probably replaced the default user-agent on the Advanced Settings tab with one OneDrive doesn't like. Remove your custom UA or replace it with a standard generic UA and you'll probably be okay. Running as administrator should almost never be necessary. If you're not downloading to a prote
  6. About every other time I run 'Update all' in Ketarin (1.8.11) anymore it crashes after about a minute. It wasn't until recently that I realized that it appears to happen while processing the below app. The error message is attached below, too. Any help anyone can provide is welcome. The error message references powershell, and this may have started around the time I updated my post-script collection routine, which makes sense. This script publishes all the update information to my website so I can automate updates on client devices. Here's the new version of that: #### Support f
  7. Hi, all, I'm seeing some VERY weird behavior with Adobe right now. Up until yesterday every Adobe Reader release was published to their FTP server the night before it was officially announced, and publicly announced via their PSIRT/security page and their release notes almost simultaneously upon release. I've been parsing the version from the release notes and building the download link based on the FTP server path but replacing ftp with https. This week their release was different. It never touched the FTP server. In fact, the current release (20.013.20074) is still not there, but i
  8. Yes, you just use equal signs separating each field/value pair, and ampersands separating each form element. url ? field1 = value1 & field2 = value2 & field3 = value3 Be aware that form elements (fields and values) using certain characters MUST be URL-encoded in order to appear in a GET request (or in the DATA element of a POST request). This includes all percentage signs, white space, quotes, equals, ampersands, and several other characters. URL-encoding is NOT the same thing as HTML-encoding. URL-encoding uses a percentage sign then the two hexadecimal values of the ASCII t
  9. I assume you have actually downloaded wget? You may have to fake the user-agent involved, as some servers don't play well with Wget. That's the "--user-agent" switch. The one below is the most generic current user-agent. To use the value from a variable in the filename just use that in the command: wget -N --user-agent=Mozilla/5.0 --output-document="{file:directory}\{film}.jpg" "{imagebook}" To troubleshoot this you can look in the log (View, Show Log) to see what the replacement values are, or you can just echo the command to a text file then try the same command from the tex
  10. This is another one of those situations where you *could* go to all the effort of recreating the form, or you could just convert it to a GET request instead of a POST request and it works fine. I've tried that link in several browsers without session ties and it works fine in all of them. You might need to change the user-agent for the app profile, but it should work fine once it's using that GET-form URL. The site might change various field values at some point, and you could easily map them out using variable assignments instead. I doubt it will happen often enough to make it worthwhile to p
  11. Kinda. You can either create a second app profile for the other resource, or you can use a post-download script and download it using an external downloader, such as Wget or cURL. For these I usually use wget: wget -N --output-document="{file:directory}\{imagebook:filename}" "{imagebook}"
  12. When including screenshots it's best to also include the specific regex patterns or other data as text so it's easier to read. Your problem is in the second parentheses group. It should either have the parentheses removed or have "?:" included to make it a non-capturing group. Note in my example that I only attempted to capture the final group. If you capture previous text regex will stop processing there.
  13. One issue with this method is that it can not determine the real extensions of the selected files, so you MUST know these before hand or use another parsing method to determine the selected file extensions. Assuming they're all AVI is likely going to be a problem.
  14. Assuming you're using aria2c 1.32 or later, you can use a syntax like the one I use for Tails: aria2c --bt-require-crypto=true --seed-time=0 --dir="{file:directory}" --torrent-file="{file}" --select-file=1-2 --index-out=1="{appname:regexreplace:([\s\t\r\n\-\\&\/]+):_}-{version}.iso" --index-out=2="{appname:regexreplace:([\s\t\r\n\-\\&\/]+):_}-{version}.sig" This command is used in the "after update command", and the "download" is the torrent file. In this example, the --select-file switch enables grabbing the first and second files from the torrent. The --index-out switch r
  15. You'll need to look at the source of the site and see what it's actually doing. It could be doing anything and without the source it's impossible to know.
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