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  1. hi @floele! can we get links to the Ketarin website and the wiki added to the head of the forum, please?
  2. unfortunately, i dont think it's possible to reference the setupinstructions field in the current context. it's been tried and reported as an issue in the past, but not currently supported. when it is, something like "{property.setupinstructions:regexreplace:(.+):x}" which will make those with setup instructions display an 'x' and those without show nothing. until then, for those apps that you have included setup instructions you can create a custom app variable (text), such as "setup" with a yes or no value, then use {setup} in the custom column value.
  3. Yay! Thanks Flo!
  4. @itskytech, please upvote this feature request to improve command options for advanced logging
  5. Feature request (upvote here!): hey flo, it would be very useful in situations like this if invalid characters in a URL (such as carriage returns and line feeds) and URLs that failed other sanity checks (like being over 4k in length, have no protocol, or no domain) had a persistent visual indicator when updating, editing, or saving the app profile. Something to indicate an invalid URL is being used. Perhaps the specific variable, or URL or filehippo ID fields have a reddish background, a new status icon with a broken globe, or something similar.
  6. That's something else, @jokerfool. Your "bulk crap uninstaller" profile is capturing the download URL incorrectly.
  7. I would suggest pinging instead if you're going to impose a delay with ping, that way you don't have to try to touch outside your network (and risk breaking any security policies you have in place). APNIC Labs might be happy for it too. If you just want the delay without actual network traffic, use
  8. Thanks for sharing @itskytech
  9. I treat any versionless run as a failure. Sure, sometimes a failure occurs even if the version is correct, but this is the most effective testing for me. So, in the global 'before updating' function I use if "{version}"=="" echo ERROR /// {category:replace:&:^&} /// {appname:replace:&:^&} >> somefile.txt if "{version}"=="\{version\}" echo ERROR /// {category:replace:&:^&} /// {appname:replace:&:^&} {version:replace:&:^&} >> somefile.txt if "{version}"=="" exit 1 In the global 'after updating an application' I use: echo {category:replace:&:^&} /// {appname:replace:&:^&} {version:replace:&:^&} >> somefile.txt In the global 'after updating all applications' you can use your existing command, and either attach or read in 'somefile.txt' for the body.
  10. Nevermind. I don't know what changed, but I reverted to 1.8.7 as a test, and that one took just as long to open. I then created (and subsequently deleted) a new app. Closed Ketarin, overwrote the app with the beta files again, relaunched and it opened right up.
  11. I just downloaded, extracted it over my 1.8.7 build, and ran it. It's been two full minutes and it's still 'Loading'. Any chance it doesn't play well with lots of apps?
  12. Windows sometimes converts LF+CR to CR+LF when copied to the clipboard. That said, I tested the URL in several different clients and got CRLF in all of them. That said, regexp "\n" can match not only CR but all combinations of CRLF, LFCR, LF and CR. It can also match instances of x09 (tab) and x0B (vertical tab) and \u0085 (unicode new line). It doesn't merely mean "new line", but "characters commonly interpreted as a new line", based on the specific RegExp client.
  13. Yep. Only about 30 of mine use FileHippo -- I have over 750 . It's not nearly as bad as it could be.
  14. All my FileHippo apps failed to parse the version numbers today. There's a reason I only use FH for a few apps, and this is a perfect example why.
  15. I'd added this as a feature request in userecho. please vote.