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  1. Hi - I'm unfamiliar with building Mono projects on Linux and would like to try @franc6's Linux fork. After cloning the "Mono" branch of the repo I can't see instructions other than a brief mention in the README. Would someone throw me some pointers?
  2. I had a feeling it was an edge case that browsers were working around. It had that smell to it :-) Thanks for the hint on the replace feature; I wasn't even aware of that.
  3. Hi - I'm not sure if this is a bug in Ketarin, .NET, a fault of the web dev of the site, or a bit of none/all of the above. On the download page of the encryption software VeraCrypt, the link to the download has an encoded "+" character in the HTML, showing up as "&#43;". Firefox decodes this automagically and the link works, but Ketarin requests the URL as-is. The offending line in the page is as follows: <a href="https://launchpad.net/veracrypt/trunk/1.21/&#43;download/VeraCrypt%20Setup%201.21.exe"> Requesting this via Ketarin gets a 404, the same with cURL. I
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