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Using Ketarin variables inside Powershell command


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I am fairly new to Ketarin and still trying to figure things out. I would like to run a powershell command after downloading that uses the "global" {appname} and the {version} variable I created for the package.

However the content of the variable(s) do not seem to be getting forwarded/piped to powershell. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

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Welcome aboard @Mundee. This is demonstrated pretty well in this thread.

While Ambimind uses variables for the parts of the calling function, if you already know the name, type and form of the variable, then you could use the abbreviated syntax. For Start/End and RegEx you use:

$x = $app.variables.MyVersionVariable.CachedContent

For Textual Content use:

$x = $app.variables.MyVersionVariable.TextualContent

In both samples "MyVersionVariable" is the name of the variable you'll be using instead of {MyVersionVariable}.

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