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  1. I made this an official release now with an updated SQLite library, but no other changes.
  2. Can you post a sample app for me to look at? I think after that is sorted out it's time for a new official release.
  3. Not sure, didn't get any requests for that yet (IIRC).
  4. Yes! There is an $apperror variable (of type Exception) in this case. You can use the .Message property for example.
  5. Ketarin doesn't actually check which version is installed, it simply updates when a new version is downloaded.
  6. For discussing an app it's best to export it as XML and attach it here. Then everyone can have a look.
  7. Interesting, seems a bit like a bug in the .NET Framework maybe. Will catch the exception anyway to prevent an error from occurring.
  8. It's probably a change in SQLite (http://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/info/bbdda6eae2). I'll make an adjustment for the next version that should fix this issue.
  9. I did not make any major changes in this regard. Does the .config file differ maybe? I'd guess this to be related to security settings. Or maybe Windows blocked it? Try for example this on Ketarin.exe.
  10. I'm glad that it works so well for you
  11. I uploaded another version with more fixes for FH.
  12. It's one of the top voted features, so it's likely to be implemented at some time. It shouldn't be too hard either, we'll see
  13. Does it work if you add a setting to the Ketarin app.config? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2482715/the-server-committed-a-protocol-violation-section-responsestatusline-error
  14. I'll look into this as soon as possible.
  15. Something like this has been suggested in the past: https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/22-allow-multiple-downloads-per-application-or-mirrors
  16. They don't change often and at the time developed it I considered it to be the most accessible site.
  17. Probably won't happen. These sites change all the time and it's not fun keeping up with them. If one of these would provide a stable API, I could reconsider.
  18. What exactly do you have in mind when saying "multihosts"?
  19. Now fixed in the recent beta version:
  20. Changes in this release: Fixed HileHippo integration Now allows changing width of variable list Variables now sorted by name (https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/76-variable-list-options) Fixed potential error when downloading variable content for the first time (before initiating an application update) Added global "On update failed" command Fixed keyboard focus lost after File->Export All (missing parent handle in ShowDialog) Ketarin-1.8.11.zip
  21. What do you mean with "untick"? The requirement already is .NET 4.x.
  22. I'd look into this: https://support.anydesk.com/Automatic_Deployment
  23. I hate the "MenuStrip". It just sucks and I refuse to use it :-p I'll drop you a quick mail.
  24. Can you show me some screenshots? Maybe you just need to use refresh in your web browser?
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