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  1. @shawn Sure, if it's possible, I would gladly start add some content for this topic, and expand it when needed.
  2. Hello, as for now, it's only possible to use software like AutoHotkey(or similar) to map it this way. It's kind of easy to create script for this. I attached it if you would like to try. AutoHotkey KetarinLogClose.ahk
  3. Hello, i guess it would be better to have this option per application. Sure there could be general option + override application option, this could cover it all (it's only way of UI how to handle it, to select chkeckbox and then set application option, ...). Then there's need to keep in mind sorting of versions by numbers instead of characters, due to problems with growing numerical series like .1 .10, ... And yes, maybe it would be nice to have option for some users, whether older versions should be deleted, or just archived to specific folder.
  4. @shawn @floele I think it would be beneficial to add keyboard shortcut list on wiki. Or think about adding/enhancing options in context menus. For example thanks for F2 tip (made me crazy before). But also other shortcuts like CTRL + E / CTRL + D for enabling/disabling record, etc. are not known to public, I guess. So it would really help sometimes.
  5. @floele Sorry, didn't know about this one. Added also there.
  6. Duplicity. I'm sorry, I missed existing topic for this:
  7. Hello, also for me this is one of the most missing feature for now. Won't repeat all arguments here, or why it's better for me, because we can agree that we disagree on point of view here. So as mentioned, no hard feelings, or arguing who uses what, and for what reason, I think it would be nice if sometimes there would be something like: - general option to keep status among sessions, to make it persistent - custom column for the same functionality like above in parallel (with icons etc.) Also maybe it would be beneficial to have custom columns to store last failed date/time? Just thinking out loud... Thank you in advance for considering this.
  8. Hello, it would be nice to have few option for variable list like: - resize or autosize column with variables - auto-sort or at least manual sort of variables Thank you in advance for considering this. UserEcho: https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/76-variable-list-options
  9. Hello, it would be really beneficital to have autocomplete for variables, functions, etc. Also somehow be able to distinguish type of variable (local, global, internal, ...). Maybe even function templates/hints. Thank you in advance for considering this. UserEcho -> https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/77-add-autocomplete
  10. Hello, it would be nice to remember status of records till new run of operation on them. For example I'll run update all. Some records are updated, some fialed. When I re-open application it would be really helpful to see previous status, not initialized one. Basically I guess, maybe add this as option, so that it will keep last status, until new operation would be run for specific record(s). Thank you in advance for considering this.
  11. +1 to this. On many ocassions I run updates. Then few records failed, so I'm trying ti run them one by one, and checking logs. Now it's really annoying, because application will most of the times freeze, we need to move to the end, it's harder to focus on specific lines, etc. So it would really help to be able to clear current log the easy way. Thank you in advance for considering this. UserEcho -> https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/78-add-functionality-to-clear-log
  12. Hello, it would be nice to have option in View menu to Hide disabled records. Thank you in advance for considering this. UserEcho -> https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/75-add-option-to-hide-disabled-records
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