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  1. I'd look into this: https://support.anydesk.com/Automatic_Deployment
  2. I hate the "MenuStrip". It just sucks and I refuse to use it :-p I'll drop you a quick mail.
  3. Can you show me some screenshots? Maybe you just need to use refresh in your web browser?
  4. OK, I think it's best to go through this bit for bit, so let's start with the pull requests
  5. Hi everyone, I upgraded our forum software to 4.4 now, please let me know if you notice any issues, thanks! Bets regards, Florian
  6. That's no issue with the Ketarin source though as far as I can see. Maybe you need to rebuild the solution?
  7. @jokerfool Fixed the errors now, please try again.
  8. OK, I see. It's a design time issue. Will try fixing this tomorrow.
  9. Sorry, forgot about your post. Is your issue design time only or do you also have issues running Ketarin? If it's the first one, please copy the call stacks here. The forms probably need some adjustments in the OnLoad() method so that they do not access the database at design time anymore.
  10. Hi Tom / franc6, thanks for your contribution! I'm glad that someone makes use my GitHub repo Yes, please do. Just make sure you provide me with enough context to understand the reasoning behind your changes. I didn't look at your changes yet. In general, I'm fine with a few conditional compilation adjustments, but if it gets too messy, we should try to come up with better methods. Are there any specific issues? Actually, I am open to releasing the code under a different license if that makes things easier because I'm not very fond of legal obstacles either.
  11. Should be sufficient to copy the DLL from the official Ketarin release into your output directory.
  12. Didn't plan anything in particular yet. I'm going to check the UserEcho suggestions though for upcoming enhancements.
  13. The Ketarin icon is not made by VirtualLNK and is licensed under the same license as the source code itself. So OK to use in forks
  14. Looks like I need to include another DLL. Try the attached one, will update the build as well. SQLite.Interop.dll
  15. floele

    reg file

    Ketarin does not have a specific command for that, but you can use the command line like this: regedit.exe /S yourfile.reg See also: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/82821/registration-info-editor-regedit-command-line-switches
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