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  1. Just going through some old posts. As for this issue: It really shouldn't happen. If you ca reproduce it, maybe just create a dump of the Ketarin.exe process (using the task manager for example) so I can have a look at what is causing this. Or maybe your database if that is sufficient to reproduce the issue. I'm not currently spending much time on Ketarin but I don't want to keep issues like that unresolved if possible.
  2. Hm looks like the plugin got disabled at some point, probably during one of the last upgrades. Now enabled and apparently working again, let me know if there are any issues.
  3. Let me know if you spot any issues. This is a major update, but so far everything seems normal to me.
  4. Added: https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/15-keep-a-history-of-x-previously-downloaded-files Changed: Execute post update commands when pre-update command exits with code 3. Ketarin-1.9.0.zip
  5. It seems to work fine when I download it using Ketarin. Can you share the full app maybe?
  6. Indeed, it has not been called yet in this case. I changed this for the next version though, so that it proceeds just as if the application has been downloaded normally.
  7. Can you explain the use case in more detail for me? How do you use Ketarin usually and what do you do when you need this hack? As you mentioned, relative paths should work fine, so when does the network path issue occur? I'm sure this can be fixed, but I need to get a full grasp of the situation before
  8. Hm, I don't entirely understand the problem this solves. Isn't this something that should be built into Ketarin?
  9. I made this an official release now with an updated SQLite library, but no other changes.
  10. Can you post a sample app for me to look at? I think after that is sorted out it's time for a new official release.
  11. Not sure, didn't get any requests for that yet (IIRC).
  12. Yes! There is an $apperror variable (of type Exception) in this case. You can use the .Message property for example.
  13. Ketarin doesn't actually check which version is installed, it simply updates when a new version is downloaded.
  14. For discussing an app it's best to export it as XML and attach it here. Then everyone can have a look.
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