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  1. and yep, we need a offline mode for ketarin XD someones like me, we do offline installations (without internet)
  2. Sorry, i gonna update this post, this work with relative paths, but not in the shared network, in this weeks i gonna change the post, im not a programmer just i studie a little hack in the database for skip the update when you are installing with a internet connection, tested changing the the PreviousRelativeLocation target to my repositories(apps) in local, and its work.
  3. This steps work without internet, just a sqlite sentence for made it with DB Browser for windows -> download http://sqlitebrowser.org Example: you are copying your ketarin in a usb drive, and your repository to another partition/usb drive in the target computer Tip: You can work with the portable DB Browser for SQLite from your usb drive and made there all the changes. STEPS Backup your jobs.db database (just copy to another limbo) With your Globals Variable not work, SO DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GLOBALS VARIABLES, you need them for the new check/update programs
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