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  1. I can't get most of my Softpedia apps to load, error 403. 2 weeks ago I saw on the forum about kuppet, but I am at a complete loss... I can get the window to open when not hidden, but it never can connect to a website and pull anything. I don't really even know if kuppet will fix the 403 error. I have the files in a subfolder BIN, but I can't get anything to work. I am just really at a loss... I'm not looking for a handout or just getting someone else's hard work, but could someone possibly show an example of 2 or 3 app entries? (I wish the online database we could share more than one app. It helps beginners and please no offence, but the entries are quite basic, mostly version & url info. I think if we could show entire databases the community could really see how powerful Ketarin can be!)
  2. Yes, the .bak files are just backup files, but I have deleted mine in the past and regretted it. It auto saves a handful and if your XML ever messes up and it won't/can't open, having the .bak files are a good save.
  3. I have been using and attempted to switch to however I have ran into two issues. First is the "/" in this replace --> {date:replace:/:-} I go to Dell and download based on the date of the file, but when I leave / it auto changes the char to \ Example: Contents from URL: https://downloads.dell.com/published/pages/inspiron-17-7779-2-in-1-laptop.html Use regular expression: (?<={link}.*{version}</TD><TD>).+?(?=<) Blue result: 4/22/2019 Download location: {root}Programs\{category}\Application\{appcat}\{version} - {date:replace:/:-}\ The second is minor, but when I go into the Download source Variables page they were shown in the order of the XML file, but in 1.8.11 they are in alphabetical order. The XML file still showed them in the correct order I want them in, but again in the program they are in alphabetical order. Example.xml
  4. https://forums.mydigitallife.net/ I've been unable to receive 'Contents from URL' for the last couple of weeks from this website. I receive a 520 error. It worked before, but the page must have changed. Please can someone try to add and see if they receive a 520 error? EDIT: Adding the User Agent String worked. Thank you for your help!
  5. I will work on that. I was just updating the entry and saw I wasn't using SyMenu's website to look for the version. (I would have pasted the link, but I am unable to paste anything. Is that turned off?) Anyway, there webpages are all aspx and I get an error trying to load them in Ketarin. Is there a way to deal with aspx webpages? Edit: Wow! I hadn't seen the pre-update commands. Those will be great when I get that to work. I added if "{appver}"=="{version}" exit 2 in the pre-update settings, however when I click the update button nothing happens to the icon with an app who's "appver" is different from the variable "version".
  6. Thank you. I wasn't able to find that app download link before. However there still are and will be ones in the future where I will need to be able to compare two columns. So I am still asking for help on how to do this. Thank you again.
  7. Ketarin is the program I have been dreaming about! But I'm definitely not a programmer and need some help, please There are a handful of apps where I, either choose or have to, manually update an app and afterward I then manually change the version number in my column "Appver" by hand. I compare the two columns "Appver" & "version" to see which apps need to be updated. However as the list grows, it's becoming tedious. I am looking to create an additional column called "Update", where I guess, it would be a PS script run like every time you check for updates. The script would compare the columns "Appver" & "version" and if they were different, the script would then in the "Update" column place an X or the word Update or something there. So then all I would have to do to see which apps need to be updated is to check that column. Sort of like an if statement, if "Appver" = "version" then "Update" = "" otherwise "Update" = "X" I have attached a small xml with the app SyMenu for reference. Example_SyMenu.xml
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