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  1. https://forums.mydigitallife.net/ I've been unable to receive 'Contents from URL' for the last couple of weeks from this website. I receive a 520 error. It worked before, but the page must have changed. Please can someone try to add and see if they receive a 520 error? EDIT: Adding the User Agent String worked. Thank you for your help!
  2. I will work on that. I was just updating the entry and saw I wasn't using SyMenu's website to look for the version. (I would have pasted the link, but I am unable to paste anything. Is that turned off?) Anyway, there webpages are all aspx and I get an error trying to load them in Ketarin. Is there a way to deal with aspx webpages? Edit: Wow! I hadn't seen the pre-update commands. Those will be great when I get that to work. I added if "{appver}"=="{version}" exit 2 in the pre-update settings, however when I click the update button nothing happens to the icon with an app who's "appver" is different from the variable "version".
  3. Thank you. I wasn't able to find that app download link before. However there still are and will be ones in the future where I will need to be able to compare two columns. So I am still asking for help on how to do this. Thank you again.
  4. Ketarin is the program I have been dreaming about! But I'm definitely not a programmer and need some help, please There are a handful of apps where I, either choose or have to, manually update an app and afterward I then manually change the version number in my column "Appver" by hand. I compare the two columns "Appver" & "version" to see which apps need to be updated. However as the list grows, it's becoming tedious. I am looking to create an additional column called "Update", where I guess, it would be a PS script run like every time you check for updates. The script would compare the columns "Appver" & "version" and if they were different, the script would then in the "Update" column place an X or the word Update or something there. So then all I would have to do to see which apps need to be updated is to check that column. Sort of like an if statement, if "Appver" = "version" then "Update" = "" otherwise "Update" = "X" I have attached a small xml with the app SyMenu for reference. Example_SyMenu.xml
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