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Here my custom columns:











Ignore File



Delete File







What do you have as custom columns?

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You've got much of what I already use, but here's one you don't:




I find that lacking a Variable Change Indicator is the biggest issue with app profiles I pick up from the database or novice Ketarin users. This enables me to identify them quickly.

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Can you tell us what you found?


I just needed a new column so I knew which apps were portable/silent installs, created a new variable called "Silent" and "Portable" with a textual context = Yes and then added two custom columns {silent} and {portable}. Cleans up the file names a little as the info is only stored in Ketarin.

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Based on this helpful post I added 


so I could sort out the enabled/disabled items when reviewing for updates. This is because I use Ketarin for maintaining updates on some, and just installing a single setup installer on some without maintaining updates.

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