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  1. Hi, Do you use a changelog variable or maybe changed the variable names as your case? Do you use the C# code for the event "After updating an application"?
  2. do you have some examples how to use it?
  3. New columns Hash Type {property:HashType:multireplace:|:None|Md5|Crc|Sha1:|Md5|Crc|Sha1} Hash {hash}
  4. can't be the default setting empty or 'none' or similar?
  5. Thanks for the hash feature! Great! seems to be working. I using the the custom columns {property:HashType}, unfortunately the initial state of every job is Md5. Even there is no hast value.
  6. For any application I try to get the changelog with a variable. For example from the German pdf24 site: Content from URL: https://de.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html Regex: <div id="v{version}".*?versionBlock">(.*?</div>\n</div>) What I getting is the text without UTF-8 encoding: <h2>Version 7.0.6</h2> <div class="releaseDate">(21.07.2015)</div> <div class="versionBlockContent"> <h3>BugFix: Seiten extrahieren über das Creator Extras Menü</h3> ... any suggestions?
  7. Here my custom columns: Version {version} Changelog {changelog:regexreplace:.+:Yes} Filetype {file:ext} Ignore File {property:IgnoreFileInformation:multireplace:|:True|False:X|} Delete File {property:DeletePreviousFile:multireplace:|:True|False:X|} Shared {property:ShareApplication:multireplace:|:True|False:X|} What do you have as custom columns?
  8. I'm getting pretty much from every application the changelog with a variable. Also I run a C# code after updating an application: string downloadFolder = app.Variables.ReplaceAllInString("{download_folder}"); string appName = app.Variables.ReplaceAllInString("{appname}"); string version = app.Variables.ReplaceAllInString("{version}"); string changelog = app.Variables.ReplaceAllInString("{changelog}"); if (changelog == "{changelog}") { changelog = ""; } using (System.IO.StreamWriter w = System.IO.File.AppendText(downloadFolder + @"\changelogs.html")) { w.WriteLine("<hr size=10 noshade
  9. Thanks for Ketarin, it's such an amazing software! I'm deploying as a system administrator a lot of software and need to look often for new software version. Ketarin does actually what I was looking for and more! It's not just looking for new version, it's downloading automatic the new version and preparing the file for my demands. It's even a lot of fun to work out Ketarin for my demands. Thanks for Ketarin!!!
  10. The online database is offline. When I try to search for an application I'm getting the error message Response from server does not contain valid XML. same when I try to update my applications that I shared with the online DB.
  11. Hey I have some suggestion for Google Chrome Enterprise MSI, but is this the only way to communicate?

  12. BTW: if you try his URL https://cdburnerxp.se/downloads/Ketarin/Ketarin-1.7.1.zip?lang=en you get an error about a wrong e-mail format!
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