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  1. Sorry, I mean that if I've completed all the downloads and am proceeding with the install of multiple apps if an error occurs on one, it's a modal dialogue requesting ok to proceed instead of logging and continuing. For instance, if one website broke my parsing, I still want to continue setting up a machine and fix that one afterward instead of all the setup packages being on hold till dialogue dismissed. Does that make sense?
  2. If an error occurs, it requires me to intervene and click ok to proceed. I'd like to know if there is a way to have Ketarin continue and just let me debug error once the remaining apps are finished. As it is, if I'm updating 20 apps and the 5th errors while I'm away from system, the whole job goes on hold. I couldn't find any settings/options to allow the other installs to continue
  3. Tried a variety of approaches, and wondering if this is a simple process that I'm just not approaching correctly. http://ubitsoft.com/sql-enlight/download I want to parse out the download link, but it seems to be hidden in the ::AFTER block that is populated by the javascript button click, so I don't get any luck in parsing the raw html, or finding any POST request being sent. How would you extract out the exe version info to download from this site?
  4. this is really cool! I've found this app to be very useful as a resource to setup my dev machine easily. This type of functionality just makes it even easier to do some really cool things with it. :-) Thanks
  5. If I run "check for updates only" without downloading to review the number of changes, and then proceed with update and install on entries that show update available, it doesn't actually download the entry and then install. It seems this "check for updates only" is updating the version or other status flag so the update isn't recognized as still needing to be downloaded.
  6. Based on this helpful post I added {property:Enabled} so I could sort out the enabled/disabled items when reviewing for updates. This is because I use Ketarin for maintaining updates on some, and just installing a single setup installer on some without maintaining updates.
  7. for steps to reproduce: Create new variable: {version} Content from URL: https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia-version-history.html Switch to content from url with regex Search within contents for 8.6.0 Begin typing this from beginning to end: (?<=Current\sVersion\:\s)((\d|\.)*)(?=<) The number isn't being identified to be highlighted To trigger the redetection of the number I went in and deleted \:\s) and retyped it. It then correctly detects the numbers. Something seems to be causing it to not trigger the positive lookbehind without this action. I've noticed this on quite a few d
  8. I've tried dumping $app and $globalvars in a variety of ways to find t he correct variable names to migrate command scripts to powershell but am not having any luck. Could someone provide some assistance on this and perhaps the app could be updated with a cheat sheet/drop down to help insert the variables for Ketarin. I have a lot of usage of {startupath} etc and once I know how to map correctly I want to migrate these over to using Powershell 5 I read through the powershell post but wasn't able to make progress with it. thanks!
  9. You nailed it. It was PS Version 5.0 that was needed. Might I suggest that #requires -version 5 or some type of handling logic be specific to ensure that this exception is properly handled and notifies end users? I love being on cutting edge, but even I hadn't updated to Powershell 5.0 yet.
  10. Write-host doesn't seem to be the problem. The following simple command also failed I reset the config file and also replaced the original dlls back in place.
  11. I have Powershell 4.0 Is Powershell 5.0 truly a requirement? That makes this lose the portable aspect for many systems that haven't yet been upgraded to this brand new PS version.
  12. Not able to execute a powershell command. I also tried copying over the latest version of automation/management dlls from other location and didn't make any difference. New dll versions I copied in I also tried to remap in app config to the correct assembly, but only got this far and figured I'd check here instead as maybe I'm completely offtrack
  13. One more question, what if I need to login to access the download url, is there a tutorial on how to do this? There are a few sites I use that provide a download link after I login, and I'd love to automate these registered software downloads as well.
  14. That worked perfectly for me! Thank you so much. this was challenging and i spent a long time trying to figure it out. I really think these walkthroughs should be added to the Ketarin WIKI on FAQ's.... this can be challenging! I also wanted to ask you if development and progress on this is still underway, as I've thought integrating curl or some other redirect follower could be really handy. There are definite feature additions that would continue grow this. It's a great resource, and I've preferred it to Chocolately because I have full power and control over it, instead of hoping someon
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