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  1. @floele thank you, probably it is indeed that SQLite change.
  2. Exactly the same jobs.db file., nothing happens. Ketarin simply spits out error message: and refuses to Launch. While jobs.db definitely exists in the same directory as Ketarin.exe. The very same Jobs.db that works flawlessly with previous versions. Now, if I copy all that from network drive to local drive, it works. After I did some testing and digging around, I discovered that: This version dislikes UNC paths and cannot find jobs.db due to that. (If I map network drive with drive letter it works, previuosly I did not have to map a drive,
  3. Nope, already checked, nothing in the Event logs... Nothing like that is present on these systems.
  4. Yes both instances are running from network drive, running both elevated, OS is Windows 10 Pro, SmartScreen is enabled on both occasions. Tried without elevation, same result...older works, new one does not. BTW, smartscreen does not affect SMB shares if they are listed as Trusted site. Yes No, permissions are same. I don't have any "protection" programs loaded on any of my PC's. (I don't quite understand, what do you even mean by it) Already tried on multiple computers. Hosting DB or Ketarin itself on local computer, unfortunately defeats the purpose of u
  5. Nope, it is not blocked...in fact I don't even have unblock option there. Diffed config files, no difference in there either. I don't think Windows Security settings matter much in this regard, If switched back to older version everything works fine...
  6. Nope, simply deployed new version and executed, PC has been rebooted previously as well. Tried latest upload, same...simply refuses to work, when DB is on network drive...previous 1.8.10 beta(s) work just fine with the same DB file and setup. Copied everything into local drive, it works...but has very limited use for me this way. Previous versions worked fine from network share and I don't quite understand, why that possibility was removed. @floele any known reasons/issues behind this?
  7. This version complains: Unable to open database file, while database file is present, in the same directory as Ketarin exe itself.
  8. Looks like something changed on Filehippo as all downloads from there started to suddenly fail: Steam FileHippo ID 'steam' does not exist. Origin FileHippo ID 'origin' does not exist. Acrylic Wi-Fi Home FileHippo ID 'acrylic-wifi-home' does not exist. Audacity FileHippo ID 'audacity' does not exist. WinSCP FileHippo ID 'winscp' does not exist.
  9. @Ambimind Log does not show any errors, it just refused to run by throwing popup message: Script can not be executed. Value does not fall into expected range. @floele nevermind, looks like it was some kind of temporary issue, started to work by itself again. Probably something got screwed on my system.
  10. Looks like something has changed with this beta, for example this powershell script does not work anymore (worked fine on previous versions): $PortableAppsPath = [System.Environment]::ExpandEnvironmentVariables($GlobalVars.item('portable').cachedcontent) $WShell = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell $Executables = (Get-ChildItem (Join-Path $PortableAppsPath $App.Name) -Filter '*.exe' -Recurse) if ($Executables.Count -gt 1) { $ShortCutPath = (Join-Path $([System.Environment]::ExpandEnvironmentVariables($GlobalVars.item('shortcuts').cachedcontent)) $App.Name) if (-Not(Test-Path $Sho
  11. Encountered the very same issue with 1.8.10 beta: Unexpected error on a send. Pages: https://sourceforge.net/p/regshot/news/ https://www.sketchup.com/download/all
  12. Maybe it could be implemented?
  13. Filehippo provides MD5 checksums for their provided files, does anybody know, what would be Ketarin builtin variable to check against these? Digged around and came up nothing myself.
  14. Yes, but shouldnt it be overwritten by {path}\{category}\{appname}.{url:ext} defined as save to file? And why such approach works for all the other apps, but not for this specific one? EDIT: Got it, I'm an idiot, for some reason I used variable {file} instead of usual {fileurl} for this App, overwriting Ketarin internal variable {file}
  15. Any ideas, what may cause this in latest beta? Check at the path of one app. It actually is in correct location (And has correct naming), but Ketarin displays just filename without path and adds version number to that name as well. Tried to remove it and re-import it, re-downloaded it forcibly, nothing changed... That column is derived from {file} variable. XML, itself: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <Jobs> <ApplicationJob xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" Guid="9e2df175-5c1c-49cb-9
  16. Now, it downloads again...version scraping is still broken though...
  17. Well, I have total of 78, 6 failing...it is annoying but yeah...could be worse
  18. Now all those downloads failed...all together...
  19. Came here to look if anyone else has this issue and found your post
  20. I personally don`t use it... In App navigation is much better and more useful IMHO...
  21. Any plans to fix this as well? https://ketarin.org/forum/topic/3937-filehippo-same-link-for-32-and-64-bit-versions/ I think radio button (or dropdown box) with x86/x64 selection would be sufficent, with according background archidecture selection.
  22. You probably could use powershell after each succesful download from softpedia just do: Start-Sleep -s 10 for example.
  23. Net Framework 4.5 is required... And you really should stop using XP now... https://ketarin.org/forum/topic/3859-ketarin-183-beta/?p=10565 Or Stick with version 1.8.0 it Requires 4.0 which is available for XP.
  24. Hard to say, without seeing the whole template... Is {Version_MONTH} even resolved? As I have no problems with combining multiple variables in such way: {path}\{category}\{appname} v.{version}.{url:ext}
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