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Modeless dialogs and context menu (almost) always available


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Two suggestions regarding the "user experience":



Replace modal dialogs with modeless ones. Modeless dialogs are very much user friendly IMO.

This would ease maintenance of jobs and increase the overall usability of the application:

- ability to edit several jobs and modify/compare them

- modify a job while installing others

- ...



Context menu entries should only be disabled when the job is currently updating, otherwise it should remain fully available.

Again, this would make Ketarin easier to work with.

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I agree on both of these. Note that the "variables" window will need the title bar adjusted to include the appname.


I've tried running two instances in order to compare jobs and what I learned was - folks, don't do that. Changes made to the second instance before closing it were lost to the first instance. Sigh.

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1. I cannot and will not replace all modal dialogs with modeless ones. Eventually, you'll run into a shitload of problems if you let the user do more things at once than would be good for him/her. For now, I will add the possibility to edit multiple apps at once.

2. I will relax some items, but again, I can't allow everything.

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