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  1. I'd would not like losing the current 'Force Download' behavior. Rather than changing it, I'd prefer an extra option like 'Only Download'. This way, everybody wins.
  2. Here's a way, not regex based, but using Ketarin's built in macros: http://www.macroplant.com/release/iPhoneExplorerPC_{version:replace:.:}.zip Assuming that version is the name of the variable you store the version number into.
  3. Simply move jobs.db into Ketarin's folder to have a portable configuration.
  4. About monitoring a web page, do you know http://page2rss.com? I use it associated with google reader. Very handy.
  5. A modal dialog box blocks the interaction with other windows. A modeless dialog box doesn't. Or a more complete definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialog_box
  6. Fair enough. I think Edit and Install dialogs are the best candidate about modeless behavior. Regarding the menu items, those I miss the most are Update and Open File: I don't like waiting Anyway, thanks for considering the proposal.
  7. Ok, I found the zip. I still miss these two files that are not part of the archive: "CDBurnerXP\ListBoxPanel.resx" "CDBurnerXP\ListBoxPanel.designer.cs" "CDBurnerXP\AdvancedListBox.resx" "CDBurnerXP\AdvancedListBox.designer.cs"
  8. I wish I could, but I can't find them. When you said I assumed you meant copied to the project folder and committed into svn. But it seems I'm wrong. So where did you copy the files to?
  9. I'm very sorry, but I still don't get them.
  10. As not all apps have installation commands, it would be better if the install dialog only lists "installable" apps. The other apps are just "noise".
  11. My guess is that the wiki is the perfect place for them: http://wiki.ketarin.org/index.php/Commands#Snippets
  12. The "direct link" on these pages are not the actual urls to the files to download. To correct url are http://freefr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/vlc/1.1.4/win32/vlc-1.1.4-win32.7z and http://freefr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/processhacker/processhacker2/processhacker-2.6-bin.zip where freefr is the sourceforge mirror I use. I use dozens of applications coming from sourceforge and all are updated fine. Again, use httpfox firefox extension or an other http sniffer to find the actual url of a package downloaded from sourceforge.
  13. I think this a very good idea.
  14. 07/10/2010 00:17:55: Avidemux: Server source file: //sourceforge.net/projects/avidemux/files/avidemux/2.5.3/avidemux_2.5.3_win32.zip/download 07/10/2010 00:17:55: Avidemux: Determined target file name: D:\AppInstallers\Audio_Video\avidemux_2.5.3_win32.zip 07/10/2010 00:17:55: Avidemux: Checking if update is required... 07/10/2010 00:17:55: Avidemux: Update required, file modified dates do not match
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