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  1. Except for quote boxes overlaping 'avatar space' no complaints so far...
  2. Wow. I like it. I believe it's one of the coolest forum templates I have seen recently. And it's fast. WYSIWYG editor is really neat, also sidebar for recent topics is quite handy. No problem here with login. Not sure what software you are using, but maybe you need to redefine placeholder location?
  3. Hello crrodriguez, yes SNI seems to be the problem but I got that message while using/testing Convergence, a Firefox addon. If you are interested, this is my report and feedback from them https://github.com/moxie0/Convergence/issues/95
  4. FP it is sorry for inconvinience. Already reported.
  5. This is due to recent SSL problems, not sure what Mozilla did in other builds. Probably worth checking.
  6. Hello, It's been a while since I posted here, nice to be back. Just wondering, any chance of improving search toolbar? Functionally, I think it's okay however it could be more userfriendly like, for instance, Firefox 'find bar'. Any chance of creating some checkboxes (...) for the following search options: inurl:x incommand:x invarname:x invarurl:x I forget these all the time. Thanks
  7. I have just done a full update and cannot confirm this. Do you have all Filehippo ID's upadted? This is a matter of personal preference, available bandwith, available resources, etc. I use 15:5:2
  8. Well things haven't changed much arround here. I'm surprised the latest beta hasn't qualified to the stable channel since release is, in my oppinion, the best and most useful Ketarin I have ever tried. Two features i'm still missing, installation sort order and Ketarin auto-update/upgrade for the stable and beta channels. Maybe in the next development cycle we can have that.
  9. Yep so do I ... I used to do this for a while ... but I don't think it's really needed.
  10. Yes i agree with this, defenitly NOT the type of application i'm interested, too limited. Besides, this it's only good to install pre-selected software, no good for me
  11. Yep so do i, except for Avira and MBAM (the alternatives i tried so far are actually worse) i removed all my Filehippo jobs for the very same reason. Hate slow servers. One the other hand, newly implemented sf:// protocol is working like a charm, congrats Flo :-)
  12. Regex snippets go in the variables window. Gud idea or not? 'insetup:x' for search bar also missing ...
  13. Well, Ketarin is not a database browser and i suspect it never will. For more advanced stuff, like searching data in multiple tables, whatever, you are always going to need to go "thru another program". And besides, only a percentage of data in 'jobs' table is currently available "thru infinite custom columns". But don't get me wrong, i don't mind having these features at all, i'm just not sure how many people will actually use it and it seems to require a lot of coding when you have a simple alternative, but i leave that to Flo.
  14. Wow you are right, culprit for me was install folder with setup files in a different relative path. That fixed, i got it working smoothly and all the issues i've found, so far, are related to Filehippo jobs like the one above. Sorry for false alarm i will not forget this lesson
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