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Suggestion for Spam


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There tends to be a fair bit of sporadic one post spam.


Might be a good idea to just set up the forum so that every new member's first post has to be approved by a moderator first.


A CAPTCHA style solution (if not CAPTCHA itself) might be decent as well. Like for each new member they are sent a human question (could be pre-set to save moderators the hassle) and if their is no reply or one that isn't anywhere close the mod can not approve it.


It would obviously be easier to have this setup on the actual sign-up page but I remember reading some other posts where that would require extra work, this is just something i'm sure most forum software could implement.

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* Automatic removal if they dont post within a certain time-frame.

* Email activation link for all signups.

* Automatic removal if the activation IP address is not the same as the signup IP.

* Automatic removal if they setup more than one link within their signature.

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