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  1. Apparently the new forum ranks me as a "Newbie" with 700+ posts and years of dedication to Ketarin... LAUGHED my but off, love you guys!
  2. Greetings to ALL ! I just discovered this thread regarding Kuppet. Interesting... I am going to try to find the time to give it a whirl. I pray you are all doing well ! I MISS working with you guys!
  3. THANK YOU for the update @floele ! It fixed most of my FileHippo issues. Some problems on THEIR side for 404 errors. Some issues with 32/64 bit apps. I'll just find alternative sites for those. I pray ALL IS WELL with you ALL !
  4. Thanks @floele ! Hope everybody is doing well. Gonna give the beta version a spin. Take care!
  5. Just dropped by to say hi to everybody and to THANK Florian for the opportunity to work with him during the evolution of Ketarin. I will always have fond memories of those times! Hope you all are well! Keep up the great work everybody! Shawn & Necrox, you are doing a fantastic job as moderators... thank you both as well!
  6. The updated forum is AWESOME... although I did have to use Google Chrome to log-in as I had the same SNI issue with Firefox as josh. Haven't had time to work with Ketarin very much lately and I DO miss it! Keep up the great work everybody. Take care.
  7. CNET Download.com Template edited to reflect recent changes to their website. Hope everyone is doing well. Best Wishes, CybTekSol
  8. @Flo, Thank you so much for the opportunity to contribute as a moderator to the Ketarin forum over the past couple of years and thank you for Ketarin as well. Ketarin is an awesome app that excited me enough to offer to help in the effort. I have enjoyed this time greatly, but, due to circumstances beyond my control I must devote my time to other life-altering events. As a result of this Flo, please REMOVE me as moderator and LEAVE me as a SPAM COP only. I will visit as time permits but must leave the moderation in the capable hands of Shawn & Necrox. THANKS AGAIN Flo & THANKS TO ALL forum moderators, spam cops & members that I have had interaction with and have contributed to the evolution of Ketarin over the years. May you all be blessed for your efforts!
  9. Looking forward to this one Flo.
  10. A family member of mine will like this one Shawn... Thanks.
  11. I just removed my first new user by doing just that Flo. The IP was listed as a known spammer from Serbia... WORKED BEAUTIFULLY!
  12. WGet as 'user agent' has been very effective for me overall, so far.
  13. LOL... we don't need moderators banned Shawn... we need all the help we can get!
  14. Agreed... but it does eliminate some of the incentive for spammers that post links as advertisements.
  15. UksosoFF's inquiry regarding Oracle/Sun JDK moved to new thread here:
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