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  1. Thanks. But, what is it? A collection of templates submitted by the community?
  2. Thanks Necrox. What's the online database?
  3. The one Necrox shared with me also worked fine until the site offered a redirect to mediafire, which didn't work and why I came back here. I'm not sure how often for how long they point to Mediafire instead? I'll do some monitoring. I'm still not getting any emails when my posts are replied to, and I believe I have all my settings correct. Is anyone else getting emails?
  4. Old thread of mine ... but I still have no idea about using POST with Ketarin, nor how to tell if it is really being leveraged in the webpage to bother trying with it. Is this a good example to use? https://getonetastic.com/downloadFile&fv=0&file=OnetasticInstaller.x86.zip Go to the above link, agree to the license terms, the click the download button. Everything I've tried so far gives me a message from Ketarin "file is not binary..." If this is a good example, please give step by step on how to evaluate and construct the Ketarin entry?
  5. Sorry for delay, I didn't get any notification that you had replied (notify is turned on...) Thanks I will give yours a go. Does it handle the redirect to mediafire? Because that's what broke the one I had, it stopped as soon as the url changed to mediafire.
  6. Necrox helped get it working for me, but it stopped working with the next update of Free File Sync. I tried to use search here to find my old post but keep getting the following page: A configuration or server error has occurred Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 Anyway, Can someone help with Free File Sync again? This is the download page: https://www.freefilesync.org/download.php I'm looking to scrape and download the first one - Windows Setup file. Thank you for any help (again).
  7. Thank you so much necrox. I have used the Web Console (that's how I find the 'get' request information showing the 302 file moved info), but I have never used the Network Monitor tool. The quick video tutorial you made is perfect, and I look forward to peering further into that tool. BTW. I *thought* I followed your (first) instructions to a "T" because it worked great! Ha. I went back just now to change the referer per your recommendation above, and saw I never populated it. So I downloaded the file successfully without a referer! That doesn't seem like it should have worke
  8. Thank you for the very detailed reply, necrox! I will give it a go. Can you offer any step by step, or at least some tips and hints, on how you worked this out, for n00bie :-) I thought it might be something like this, but examining the page it didn't suggest to me. N00bie... Thank you for any education if you have time.
  9. Thanks Shawn for confirming what I suspected with windows clipboard. Which Regex engine is Ketarin using? .Net or ?
  10. Trying to get the Windows Setup package from this page: http://www.freefilesync.org/download.php When I download the file with web browser, this is what I see: GET http://www.freefilesync.org/download/FreeFileSync_8.10_Windows_Setup.exe [HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily 187ms] GET http://www.mediafire.com/file/bw49xxy2n4i9fhr/FreeFileSync_8.10_Windows_Setup.exe [HTTP/1.1 302 Found 250ms] GET http://download1259.mediafire.com/5qcrsrmlm45g/bw49xxy2n4i9fhr/FreeFileSync_8.10_Windows_Setup.exe [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 15079ms] Is there a way to capture the moved URL with Ketarin to downlo
  11. Using Ketarin 1.8.7. I hope someone can help to explain what I'm seeing. First, please look at this example: 1. Create ketarin variable "vers", load this URL: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download 2. Regex: release notes.*?<strong>.*?v(.{1,10})\n This (today) populates "vers" with 5.28.6005 Note the linefeed match. Now, copy/paste the page source directly from the Ketarin window into a hex editor or other editor that can visualize carriage returns and linefeeds. When I paste this source into EditPad Pro (my usual editor) and display it hex mode, what foll
  12. I have same issue, also not able to download registered versions from Just Great Software, mine is EditPadPro and RegExBuddy. Haven't been able to download either one using Ketarin since Jan G. changed his site some months back. Using Ketarin now only to check for new version.
  13. Ressurecting an old thread... For some time now, first time download using textual content variable {f:yyyy}{f:MM}{f:dd} for 'vers' column shows 16001231. When download ends, still shows 16001231. I also use 'vers' variable in downloaded filename, and the downloaded filename has the correct file date as part of the name. Request a force download and 'vers' column temporarily changes to show correct date during the download. When download is complete 'vers' column again shows 16001231. The downloaded filename still has correct file date as part of the name. Possible to fix the disp
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