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jobs.db in root folder


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Instead of having the new jobs.db being created in the appdata/userprofie directory (forget which one) is it possible just to have Ketarin dump it in its own directory? I'm fairly sure that is what most users do anyway.


Seeing as it is inherently portable (well beyond the whole .net thing) it seems logical.

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Starting from Vista/Win7 users can create Symbolic Links that redirect all things to a different location(network and other drives are supported).The mentioned OS-s for example use this to redirect some XP era folders so legacy apps don't break in functionality.

Also see

mklink /?

for command line options.

If you can't get it made using cmd (i've had some trouble with this in the past) then im pretty sure i saw some GUI mklink versions too.


So you could create:

mklink /d "%systemdrive%\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Ketarin" "Target Dir"

See: http://ss64.com/nt/mklink.html

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