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Filehippo downloads broken

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I'm getting this, too.

Speedfan    FileHippo ID 'speedfan' does not exist.
Spotify    FileHippo ID 'spotify' does not exist.
SpywareBlaster    FileHippo ID 'spywareblaster' does not exist.
The GIMP x64    FileHippo ID 'the-gimp-64bit' does not exist.
Teracopy    FileHippo ID 'teracopy' does not exist.

Most (but not all) of the ones I've checked exist. Also getting some 404 errors, but those files seem to be gone from FileHippo.

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I got ahold of the source code, and it looks like the issue is in ExternalServices.cs, where it tries to connect to FileHippo using http instead of https.  Their server requires that now.

I fixed it, but kept having dependency problems when building the file so I was unable to compile to EXE.


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Well I built the file after making the change you suggested but it still says the same issue.

5/28/2019 11:59:56 PM: Brave: Failed, FileHippo ID 'brave' does not exist.

Looks like Ketarin is going to need some further investigating, either that or they blocked it completely.

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So I've been going through there website and I've noticed a ton of there links are either down or producing a 404 error, so I don't think that its just Ketarin but more so there actual software that's flipping out too.


It would be nice if we had the option to add additional sites or if there were other sites we could select from.

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21 minutes ago, jamesblue said:

I have tested malwarebytes_3 and autoruns from filehippo, with the latest Ketarin beta, it downloads them each time when you do Update Now, even though it is the same version.

Think I have fixed, in Advanced Settings select version and MD5 and version, see the picture.  Not had to do this before, but looks like it has fixed the issue of it repeatedly downloading.


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