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  1. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    Is there anyway to move the custom columns without deleting re adding them?
  2. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    It doesn't happen all the time but I do get that bug, when I do another check for update it seems to just work. Is it possible to run a custom column that displays the urls in your list that come from FileHippo?
  3. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    How come when running update it wont show the file size and instead just says unknown?
  4. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    Firefox Quantum The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <Jobs> <ApplicationJob xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" Guid="f295c734-6440-4e54-8cef-2d788441bb93"> <WebsiteUrl /> <UserAgent /> <UserNotes /> <LastFileSize>38594416</LastFileSize> <LastFileDate>2017-12-13T09:57:19.9141206</LastFileDate> <IgnoreFileInformation>false</IgnoreFileInformation> <DownloadBeta>Default</DownloadBeta> <DownloadDate xsi:nil="true" /> <CheckForUpdatesOnly>false</CheckForUpdatesOnly> <VariableChangeIndicator /> <HashVariable /> <HashType>None</HashType> <CanBeShared>true</CanBeShared> <ShareApplication>false</ShareApplication> <ExclusiveDownload>false</ExclusiveDownload> <HttpReferer /> <SetupInstructions /> <Variables /> <ExecuteCommand>ren "{file}" Firefox.exe</ExecuteCommand> <ExecutePreCommand /> <ExecuteCommandType>Batch</ExecuteCommandType> <ExecutePreCommandType>Batch</ExecutePreCommandType> <Category>Apps To Install</Category> <SourceType>FileHippo</SourceType> <PreviousLocation>e:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\Firefox Quantum\Firefox Setup 57.0.2.exe</PreviousLocation> <DeletePreviousFile>true</DeletePreviousFile> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <FileHippoId>firefox_64</FileHippoId> <LastUpdated>2017-12-13T09:57:19.9141206</LastUpdated> <TargetPath>{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Firefox Quantum\</TargetPath> <FixedDownloadUrl /> <Name>Firefox Quantum</Name> </ApplicationJob> </Jobs>
  5. Columns Question

    Is there anyway for me to input a command that will show all the files that are hosted on my server?
  6. Ketarin 1.8.8 (beta)

    '7z' is not recognized as an internal or external command - Why would I be getting this error in the beta after all this time?
  7. Help

    Thanks Shawn, as you can imagine, hundreds of apps to go through
  8. Could not create SSL/TLS

    Only from Filehippo happens in 187, I see you fixed it in 188 but you warned me about using 188 on a mass scale
  9. Letter instead of category

    Done, thank you.
  10. Could not create SSL/TLS

    The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. Getting this alot, whats happening or whats causing it. Changing through beta to download doesn't make a difference.
  11. Letter instead of category

    If I create a new entry from scratch why does it display a letter and not the category I created?
  12. Help

    I am in serious need of help with my database, it looks like it contains old entries but I dont know how to delete them. When I double click my entry I have no traces of the old entry but if I open the file I can see the old links and they're probably the main reason the links are always getting stuffed up or not downloading correctly. How can I fix this please?
  13. Create Log

    I double click the batch file Contains: @ECHO OFF start "" /wait G:\Home\Ketarin.exe /database=G:\Home\ home_apps /log=G:\Home\filename.log EXIT It loads the file, Ketarin opens, it creates a log file but the log file is empty. I leave Ketarin open for awhile in case too many apps, but it seems if I have 500 or 5 the log file is still empty. What am I missing here, can't be this hard. I also checked the log permissions and changed the permissions so its full control and not read only. It doesn't seem to make a difference if the file is home_apps or home_apps.db It creates the log file just nothing is written to it. I've also tested from a command prompt and elevated and same thing. Thanks for trying to help me.
  14. Create Log

    I am running the command from a batch file Yes running the batch file from where Ketarin is located Database is in the same directory next to batch and ketarin Windows 10 Home No networks Standard process
  15. Create Log

    So when I run that command this is what happens and yes the database is in the same directory as the exe I run the batch file, Ketarin opens, the cmd window closes, this file is created home_apps.db_2017-08-19.bak I close Ketarin and that's it. So nothing is exported to XML Nothing in the AppData folder I also don't get any file created ending in .log.