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  1. jokerfool

    Unexpected EOF

    Its odd because I get the error with some files but other files which are also on the server download fine. If i go back and click update the files download. Just trying to work out why this was happening all of a sudden.
  2. jokerfool

    Unexpected EOF

    Any explanation on this error please Received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes from the transport stream.
  3. jokerfool

    Zip password

    When a command line is run to extract the contents of the zip is it possible to all add a password into that line? Nirsoft now password there zip files, so when I downloaded and extract it asks for the password. Anything I can use to perform this action please?
  4. jokerfool

    automated script versions

    Do you've a list of all variables?
  5. jokerfool

    automated script versions

    Is there a way to run a script that will update all the versions of all the applications rather than me going through each app and click the version button to see if its a new version because at the moment it still believe the old version is installed even though a new version downloaded.. Thanks
  6. jokerfool

    Updating and delting apps

    I've noticed that if I have the option "Always delete previously downloaded file" this doesn't seem to work to well when updating, so in the commands before download I add the del option to remove the file first but that doesn't get removed either. For example 7zip 12/02/2018 11:05:53 AM: Update finished 12/02/2018 11:08:22 AM: Update started with 1 application(s) 12/02/2018 11:08:23 AM: 7z x64: Using referer: (none) 12/02/2018 11:08:25 AM: 7z x64: Server source file: /download/file/b721c53126d57c154cf80d79b9731992f8a014c899bac6eda1264e1eeb54d20f 12/02/2018 11:08:25 AM: 7z x64: Determined target file name: d:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\7z x64\7z1801.exe 12/02/2018 11:08:25 AM: 7z x64: Checking if update is required... 12/02/2018 11:08:25 AM: 7z x64: Update required, 'd:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\7z x64\7z1801.exe' does not yet exist 12/02/2018 11:08:25 AM: 7z x64: Skipped downloading updates 12/02/2018 11:08:25 AM: Update finished I click update d:\GEGeek_Toolkit>ren "d:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\7z x64\7z1801.exe" 7z_x64.exe A duplicate file name exists, or the file << Why didn't the app delete the previous file? cannot be found. So I add del "{file}" 7z_x64.exe to remove this file before downloading and untick the "Always delete previously downloaded file" 12/02/2018 11:12:21 AM: 7z x64: Executing command: ren "d:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\7z x64\7z1801.exe" 7z_x64.exe 12/02/2018 11:12:21 AM: 7z x64: Command result: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.192] (c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. d:\GEGeek_Toolkit>ren "d:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\7z x64\7z1801.exe" 7z_x64.exe A duplicate file name exists, or the file cannot be found. Just can't seem to get the app to remove the previous file before downloading. It downloads the latest version and the old file is still in the same directory. 7z.xml
  7. Love all those variables added.
  8. jokerfool

    Ketarin 1.8.9

    Anything new planned in the pipeline for release? How come when i run check for update it says yes there is a download, I run update, downloads update, run check for update, says download is available again, in the commands section i have a command to rename the file, but if I try and update the file again it downloads the file but doesn't rename it. Forcing download also doesn't rename the file. Any ideas please? <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <Jobs> <ApplicationJob xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" Guid="d241341a-ce77-4cc7-9478-b6132935d62c"> <WebsiteUrl /> <UserAgent /> <UserNotes /> <LastFileSize>1684480</LastFileSize> <LastFileDate>2018-01-06T07:37:52+10:00</LastFileDate> <IgnoreFileInformation>false</IgnoreFileInformation> <DownloadBeta>Default</DownloadBeta> <DownloadDate xsi:nil="true" /> <CheckForUpdatesOnly>false</CheckForUpdatesOnly> <VariableChangeIndicator /> <HashVariable /> <HashType>None</HashType> <CanBeShared>true</CanBeShared> <ShareApplication>false</ShareApplication> <ExclusiveDownload>false</ExclusiveDownload> <HttpReferer /> <SetupInstructions /> <Variables /> <ExecuteCommand>ren "{file}" wfc.exe</ExecuteCommand> <ExecutePreCommand /> <ExecuteCommandType>Batch</ExecuteCommandType> <ExecutePreCommandType>Batch</ExecutePreCommandType> <Category>Apps To Install</Category> <SourceType>FixedUrl</SourceType> <PreviousLocation>d:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\WFC\wfc5setup.exe</PreviousLocation> <DeletePreviousFile>true</DeletePreviousFile> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <FileHippoId /> <LastUpdated>2018-01-27T12:41:24.899353+10:00</LastUpdated> <TargetPath>{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\WFC\</TargetPath> <FixedDownloadUrl>http://www.binisoft.org/download/wfc5setup.exe</FixedDownloadUrl> <Name>Windows Firewall Control</Name> </ApplicationJob> </Jobs>
  9. jokerfool

    Ketarin 1.8.9

    Is there anyway to move the custom columns without deleting re adding them?
  10. jokerfool

    Ketarin 1.8.9

    It doesn't happen all the time but I do get that bug, when I do another check for update it seems to just work. Is it possible to run a custom column that displays the urls in your list that come from FileHippo?
  11. jokerfool

    Ketarin 1.8.9

    How come when running update it wont show the file size and instead just says unknown?
  12. jokerfool

    Ketarin 1.8.9

    Firefox Quantum The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <Jobs> <ApplicationJob xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" Guid="f295c734-6440-4e54-8cef-2d788441bb93"> <WebsiteUrl /> <UserAgent /> <UserNotes /> <LastFileSize>38594416</LastFileSize> <LastFileDate>2017-12-13T09:57:19.9141206</LastFileDate> <IgnoreFileInformation>false</IgnoreFileInformation> <DownloadBeta>Default</DownloadBeta> <DownloadDate xsi:nil="true" /> <CheckForUpdatesOnly>false</CheckForUpdatesOnly> <VariableChangeIndicator /> <HashVariable /> <HashType>None</HashType> <CanBeShared>true</CanBeShared> <ShareApplication>false</ShareApplication> <ExclusiveDownload>false</ExclusiveDownload> <HttpReferer /> <SetupInstructions /> <Variables /> <ExecuteCommand>ren "{file}" Firefox.exe</ExecuteCommand> <ExecutePreCommand /> <ExecuteCommandType>Batch</ExecuteCommandType> <ExecutePreCommandType>Batch</ExecutePreCommandType> <Category>Apps To Install</Category> <SourceType>FileHippo</SourceType> <PreviousLocation>e:\GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\Apps To Install\Firefox Quantum\Firefox Setup 57.0.2.exe</PreviousLocation> <DeletePreviousFile>true</DeletePreviousFile> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <FileHippoId>firefox_64</FileHippoId> <LastUpdated>2017-12-13T09:57:19.9141206</LastUpdated> <TargetPath>{root}GEGeek_Toolkit\ProgramFiles\{category}\Firefox Quantum\</TargetPath> <FixedDownloadUrl /> <Name>Firefox Quantum</Name> </ApplicationJob> </Jobs>
  13. jokerfool

    Columns Question

    Is there anyway for me to input a command that will show all the files that are hosted on my server?
  14. jokerfool

    Ketarin 1.8.9

    '7z' is not recognized as an internal or external command - Why would I be getting this error in the beta after all this time?
  15. jokerfool


    Thanks Shawn, as you can imagine, hundreds of apps to go through

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