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  1. Its been a long time since I have been here. Has this project now come to an end? Doesn't seem to be a new version around for over a year.
  2. 5 or 10 jobs is fine, selecting all, crash. Its standard.
  3. If we go back 5+ versions it used to work very well even with FH, but after FH crashed and now the malware I stumbled across on FH, I don't really go there. Ket has changed and now just seems to be more complicated and the only people that really know how to drive and use it are the developers rather than making it user friendly. As for what application, its random.
  4. FH site is way out of date and in the search for FireFox it just lists way to much junk and part of there site even loaded some malware which I immediately left. Will you still be using this or moving onto something else?
  5. When running the update all, this message pops up, what would be causing this?
  6. It doesn't just happen on clicking browse, it happens randomly just opening the domain, thinks then loads that. I just constantly refresh it and eventually it loads.
  7. Official as in you completely fixed the FH issue?
  8. In the edit variables section, do you've a list of the different variables and there meanings available? Trying to build a list of whats available and how to use it. Thank you.
  9. When you open the database and add something, is it possible that once its been added to your main database that when you open the online database again whatever you added previously doesn't show up in the online list again? The list shows content that goes back to 2014 which funny enough is Google Chrome in the Top 50, but if I search Chrome it shows 2019, how come this hasn't updated? Thanks
  10. Are you planning on releasing 1.8.12?
  11. I always thought the database file was just a name e.g. jobs and not jos.db
  12. @floele If it didn't happen 4 years ago then its long overdue and very unlikely to happen now. The coding alone for multihosts does seem like a massive overhaul. I've scrubbed FH completely out of the application as it just keeps bugging out, Filehorse looked sim to FileHippo, I tried to change everything from what was running in FH to the horse but ended up with some errors on downloading the file. so I've left it at that. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I've moved away from FileHippo for now and since the likely hood of other sites being used is very limited, I will just use my own server instead.
  14. @floele So what made you go with FileHippo since they keep changing?
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