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Has Ketarin ended?


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At first, thanks lot for this nice handy utility. Very usable for keeping Installers tree up to date. But as time goes more and more repositories use dynamic creation of page.

Reason is sometimes automation of contents depending of repo changes. But sometimes it is active defense to non human access (advertisement, license agreement, cdn, caches..). So for future changes - add some hooks for calling external scripts in proper points will be handy.

For example: I am just not able automate Acrobat reader DC latest versions. So I use independent Perl script instead of Ketarin.

Maybe proxying via Google Apps script generated pages will be handy. It is able automate harvesting from web pages, even with javascript generated content. And it even can work with actual version of Ketarin. Katarin starts App script by request to its URL, which returns result of actual harvest.  Only question is if there is not possible to replace whole Ketarin with some Google Apps script library.


On 10/11/2022 at 12:22 AM, shawn said:

It's definitely not dead, @jokerfool. @floele has not been as active but that's only because it's a mature project. 

Are there specific issues you're having that can't be addressed by the current version or the current beta version?


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2 hours ago, zhladik said:

...For example: I am just not able automate Acrobat reader DC latest versions. So I use independent Perl script instead of Ketarin...

This is one of the reasons the forum exists. I have working Acrobat Reader DC apps that don't rely on anything special outside of Ketarin. When a site like Adobe changes their paths or exposed folders it just takes a little time to fix your app.

For sites that use script-rendering the Kuppet tool has been an amazing workaround while keeping 99% of the effort within Ketarin and not exposing your scripts or activity to a third party like Google unnecessarily. Once configured (granted, that takes a little effort) it works with only three characters ({>}) added to new or fixed apps.

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