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  1. Why not get it from the download page and use the following regex: (?<=(?-i:SUMo)(?:[^<]|<(?!/(?:code|li)))*)\d+(?:\.\d+){1,3}
  2. Try the follwing regex for {VersionFromChangeLogURL}: (?<=<h4(?:[^<]|<(?!h4))*(?-i:SUMo)(?:[^<]|<(?!h4))*)\d+(?:\.\d+){1,3}
  3. What is "name" referring to? The name of the column, the name of the variable used in the columns value? Can the prefix be combined with a function e.g. "{!countSetup:ps}"?
  4. So when I add a variable (e.g. named "hasSetup") to a job with "{countSetup:ps}" as its textual content and use that variable instead for the custom column "Setup?" it should display the approppriate value? That is, after an update of the job.
  5. I created a global variable named "countSetup" with value "$app. SetupInstructions.Count" and used for a custom column named "Setup?" with value "{countSetup:ps}". The column only shows zeros even for the jobs that have one (or more) setup instruction. Any ideas?
  6. The "ifempty" was implemented in Ketarin v1.8.5. Has anyone (succesfully) used the function? See also my question here.
  7. The attached ApplicationJob is my first try to use the ifempty-variable-function, directly (see 'version' variable) and in-directly (see 'url' variable) but neither seem to work. I keep getting the "The URL you entered is empty and cannot be loaded." error message. Any help would be appreciated. Thnx Using Ketarin 1.8.8b4. Sordum.DeskEdit.xml
  8. Or download from the rpcs3 GitHub repository.
  9. Thanks, @floele Weren't padleft and padright already implemented in 1.8.7?
  10. Have the same issue with, very annoying/inconveniant.
  11. AFAIK it's a .NET application coded in C# not using any 3rd party libraries for regular expressions.
  12. An update after re-reading this topic... This function call: {download:regexreplace:^(?!http\://example.com)/{0,2}(\w):http\://example.com/\1} changes the download values: //path/file.ext /relativepath relativepath http://example.com/relativepath to: http://example.com/relativepath
  13. Added to UserEcho: https://ketarin.userecho.com/topics/35-extend-variable-creation-with-content-from-cookie/ Go and vote!
  14. Doesn't the new ps function create a security breach by allowing automatic execution of downloaded scripts?
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