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Regex Positive Lookbehind Refreshing Error

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for steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new variable: {version}
  2. Content from URL: https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia-version-history.html
  3. Switch to content from url with regex
  4. Search within contents for 8.6.0
  5. Begin typing this from beginning to end: 
  6. The number isn't being identified to be highlighted
  7. To trigger the redetection of the number I went in and deleted \:\s) and retyped it.
  8. It then correctly detects the numbers. 


Something seems to be causing it to not trigger the positive lookbehind without this action. I've noticed this on quite a few different apps I've added. 


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Can't really reproduce that, but I made an adjustment that might potentially fix this problem. Guess we'll have to try.

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