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{appname} is unknown by Ketarin upon "Add new application"

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If one adds a new application, and defines variables based on {appname}, then {appname} is not replaced properly by the just defined name, and variables appear as not working.

OTOH, if the new app is saved, then re-edited, then {appname} is properly replaced.


So, it sounds that {appname} is properly replaced only once the app settings have been saved a first time.


Tiny issue anyway ;-)



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OK, add a new app:

  1. name it "anApp"
  2. select "Variables"
  3. create a new variable named "version"
  4. choose "Content from URL (regex)"
  5. set the URL of the web page containing the current version
  6. in "Regular Expression" set ".*?{appname}\s+\d+\.\d+"
  7. the regex can't be resolved because {appname} has just been created
  8. now save the app
  9. re-open it
  10. click "Advanced", select "version", the regex is now properly resolved, and the version highlighted

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