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Clear Log menuitem to View-Show Log?


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More often then not i need to clear the log before running some command to test if it works, so it's tedius that i have to search beginning of this command from all the output already written there.


So i was thinking maybe rightclick menu option in Log window to clear the log?

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+1 to this.

On many ocassions I run updates. Then few records failed, so I'm trying ti run them one by one, and checking logs. Now it's really annoying, because application will most of the times freeze, we need to move to the end, it's harder to focus on specific lines, etc.

So it would really help to be able to clear current log the easy way.

Thank you in advance for considering this.


UserEcho -> https://ketarin.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/78-add-functionality-to-clear-log

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