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Just noticed there was a new version of Ketarin for me to download, seeing as you can't set ketarin to update itself via the method is uses for all others i'm sort of curious as to why Ketarin doesn't have an auto-update feature?


I've looked through the forum briefly and checked the options for Ketarin and I don't see it.


May be on his to do list, just seemed a bit odd to not have one given the nature of the program.


Yes, I know it can be achieved by a rather roundabout way but i'm sure we are all here to streamline our processes :P

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Well the problem is that when you update ketarin trough regular download like other apps and add some command to unzip then how on earth are you supposed to update it while it is running? :D

Ketarin restart would be required.So i think this should be the last command to do so it would not interfere with other downloads.

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