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Silent error (per application setting)


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I was wondering if it would be possible to get a silent error setting, as per application


For instance i have two newspapers I download with ketarin, but one is only released on fridays and one is only released on wednesdays


so everytime I run ketarin in normal mode (with windows) I get annoying errors, so this setting would be useful for me


or perhaps another setting, like only update this if it's wednesday, or only update on monday to friday



if anyone else knows of another workaround for this in the current version of ketarin, please let me know

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I have several sites where similar behaviors are required, so I coded a way around them using my own site as the version checker. I coded up a page in PHP that determines the 'rules' for the incrementation, then increment it on those events. For your situation, I would use a date_add to get the same functionality. The version doesn't really have to mean anything, just be consistent with previous versioning, so it would effectively allow you to get the content correctly only when the specific dates have changed.

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