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Kuppet update, 14 September 2021 :
- Upgraded chrome to v93.
- Fixed failure to deal properly with favicon and third-party js requests - causing failure to return and exit.
- Now returns text/plain not text/html.
- Log indicates which urls are rejected(i.e. missing https:// at start).
- Increased default timeout to 10 seconds, after successful request.
- Added working example to post.


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New version of kuppet uploaded
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Thanks for clearly reporting your problem, jusseppe.
Please try the new version I've uploaded(see original post); I think I've found the cause of the error - entirely my fault.
Also, see the working example I've uploaded.

An alternative resolution : If your firewall is not blocking chrome and\or kuppet, you can try changing kuppets default working port :

Tip : If you remove "-WindowStyle hidden" from the command line, kuppet will tell you a short story ;)

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