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  1. Hello Ambimind, is there anything else we can try? Let me know, thank you!
  2. thanks for your support! I redownloaded the new package, replaced the old files, set to port 8008, opened it on my router (TCP), disabled the firewall on my PC and used your working configuration but I still get this error: any ideas on the possible issue? thanks again!
  3. Sorry, I couldn't find examples of server authentication in the forum...
  4. hmm.. it happens everytime to me, just like Ambimind said in his topic. Before I get to see the updated value, I have to force redownload the updated version two times for evey item that has a new update before the updated values are correctly shown.
  5. Hello everybody, do you think it is possible to optimize the script so that you don't have to update (which means force redownload) each item 2 or 3 times in a row? or it's a technical limitation that cannot be solved at the moment? Also: is it possible to download files from links protected with authentication (login and password)? thank you
  6. it would be nice if it was possible to add an option to "open website" of the interested application: which could be, for example, this one: would it be feasible?
  7. the only downside is that you have to update your programs twice, this means you have to download them two times everytime...
  8. I've solved this by pasting your script in the global command after updating an application. Once and for all! So now I can manage individual scripts for downloaded applications (like extraction!) thank you for your precious help!
  9. now it's working thanks! the only problem now is the coexistence with other post-download commands such as extraction, eg. "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\winrar.exe" x -ac -ibck -o+ "{file}" "D:\Soft\Audio & Video\Audio Editing\TagScanner\" since there is space for only one command, either I have one or I have the other right?
  10. I tried to run the script but I'm getting a System.Management.Automation not found error. I installed the Windows Management Framework 3.0 (Windows6.1-KB2506143-x64.msu) as suggested here: http://blogs.msmvps.com/vstsblog/2014/02/14/build-fails-with-missing-file-system-management-automation-dll/ but I still get this error once the download is complete (see attachment). Are there any prerequisites to use your Powershell code?
  11. thanks for trying, I tried to paste your code in the Commands box of the 7-Zip profile and setting it to "Powershell script" but I must be missing something (maybe in your assumptions). I thought it would've been much easier to implemenet such a functionality in Ketarin. I guess we'll have to wait for an official inclusion of such a function. thanks for your effort though!
  12. wouldn't it be possible to simply store the "version" variable which is the last version you downloaded in the "oldversion" variable? eg. string oldversion = version; /* This stores the "old" version (based on last download) into the Website field */ app.WebsiteUrl = oldversion; where version would be the variable (and default column) you use to define the latest version available by parsing the download sites? I tried it like that but for some reason it seems not to be working...
  13. Hello everybody, I don't find anyone saying anything about the possibility to have a custom column that shows you right away a comparison between the version of the applications you have on your HDD and the new one that has been verified by Ketarin. Something like the screenshot in the attachment. Am I missinf something or is it seen as a non-relevant feature?
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