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Ketarin 1.8.11 - 2 issues

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I have been using and attempted to switch to however I have ran into two issues.

First is the "/" in this replace --> {date:replace:/:-}

I go to Dell and download based on the date of the file, but when I leave / it auto changes the char to \


Contents from URL: https://downloads.dell.com/published/pages/inspiron-17-7779-2-in-1-laptop.html
Use regular expression: (?<={link}.*{version}</TD><TD>).+?(?=<)
Blue result: 4/22/2019

Download location: {root}Programs\{category}\Application\{appcat}\{version} - {date:replace:/:-}\

The second is minor, but when I go into the Download source Variables page they were shown in the order of the XML file, but in 1.8.11 they are in alphabetical order. The XML file still showed them in the correct order I want them in, but again in the program they are in alphabetical order.


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I'm not totally sure about this but hyperlinks use the / forward slash and file paths use \ back slashes.  So if you use the Download location section in Ketarin, since it is a file path it will change / to \.  

This is where I read about someone having a similar problem.


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The upgrade to 1.8.11 caused havoc with my replace operations in the output filename (slashes and ampersands), too. Fixing 700+ profiles manually proved to be more than I was willing to do, so I ended up using DB4S end repairing all the replace commands using SQL. After that everything worked correctly.

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The sorting for variables is actually the result of a feature request. There's no functional difference. Variables that are not referenced still aren't processed and variables that depend on other variables are processed in the order that they are dependent. This was the behavior prior as well, the only change is that the variables are now sorted alphabetically.

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If you're still looking for an answer, this may help you. Mind you, I'm no regex expert, but I've learned a thing or two here and there.

First off, you need to encapsulate what you want in your regex string in parentheses "()". The blue result is what's NOT selected. You want a red result. For example, your regex:

(?<={link}'>More details</a></TD><TD>.*</TD><TD>).+?(?=<)

 should be

(?<={link}'>More details</a></TD><TD>.*</TD><TD>)(.+?)(?=<)

You can also simplify this:

(?<={link}'>More details.*?)([\d\.]+)(?=<)

It's better to be more exact on what you want rather than the more encompassing: `(.+?)`.

I am attaching an XML of one of your programs with my corrections (I added "[EDIT]" to the appname to differentiate it from yours) and you can apply the corrections to your other ones. Basically, FIFY. :D The proof's in the puddin'. Or in this case, the PNG file. 

Edit: The last thing I did to get this to work is to add a variable "{daterep}" that does the regex in the Edit Variables, which resolves Ketarin ignoring it outside of that box. 


Dell Inspiron 7779 System BIOS [EDIT].PNG

Dell Inspiron 7779 System BIOS [EDIT].xml

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