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  1. While I realize that it's 5 years later... I'm posting some links about SourceForge and its current state of being A-OK, as it has been since 2016, for anyone coming across this thread, unaware. "Yes, You Can Download Software From SourceForge Again" (How-To Geek) "Good News, Sourceforge stops bundling adware with installers" (Ghacks)
  2. Thanks, shawn! I appreciate the explanation. Yeah, I'm aware about the percentage and URL-encoding vs HTML encoding, such as %20 for a space, but appreciate your mention of it. It's a fair reminder. And thanks for the references. They appear to be a detailed breakdown of URI elements. Some interesting info.
  3. Thanks, shawn! I think I vaguely recall seeing you mention that to someone else in another post, probably an old one. Yeah, I've no inclination to recreate POST crap when a GET will work just fine. Can you tell me how you figured out the conversion so I can use that in the future? And yeah, just tried it using only that url and a mozilla ua and it works great! Edit: Never mind. I think I figured it out. Just take the Form data viewed as source and add that to the end of the download url after adding a "?". Right?
  4. I've been trying to figure this one out but nothing seems to work. I've tried all kinds of combinations with the POST data. Adding things, taking things away. I've added the cookies to the POST in different forms and removed them completely. I admit, I don't entirely know what I'm doing, just what I've seen in this forum on POST data and redirects. Here's the page for the download: https://mhoefs.eu/software_uxtheme.php?lang=en I'm posting the latest iteration of this XML. Any help is greatly appreciated. UltraUXThemePatcher (x86) (Setup).xml
  5. If you're still looking for an answer, this may help you. Mind you, I'm no regex expert, but I've learned a thing or two here and there. First off, you need to encapsulate what you want in your regex string in parentheses "()". The blue result is what's NOT selected. You want a red result. For example, your regex: (?<={link}'>More details</a></TD><TD>.*</TD><TD>).+?(?=<) should be (?<={link}'>More details</a></TD><TD>.*</TD><TD>)(.+?)(?=<) You can also simplify this: (?<={link}'>More det
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