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Is there a way to run a script that will update all the versions of all the applications rather than me going through each app and click the version button to see if its a new version because at the moment it still believe the old version is installed even though a new version downloaded..



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are you seeing a new version in Ketarin that is not being installed with the Ketarin setup routines when using the Update and Install method?

are you using the "use the following variable as indicator for changes" filter (such as "version") to identify new versions?

are you using the "update all and install updates" option from the download list?


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Most variables are independent to each individual app profile, so it's impossible to know them all in advance if you're using any third-party app profiles or were...uh..."less consistent" in previous apps you created for yourself. Those variables can be obtained by looking at the values in app properties, variables, or a copy & paste from the specific app profile to notepad, then looking for any items in Variables/item/key/string. Some others are listed at Special Variables on the wiki. Even more can be found with the powershell samples at the bottom of this.

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