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I am in serious need of help with my database, it looks like it contains old entries but I dont know how to delete them. When I double click my entry I have no traces of the old entry but if I open the file I can see the old links and they're probably the main reason the links are always getting stuffed up or not downloading correctly. How can I fix this please?

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If you suspect database corruption, the safest solution is to start with a blank one.

First, backup what you have: For each app select it from the main interface window, CTRL+C (which copies that app profile to the clipboard as XML), then switch to Notepad++ (or a similar kick-ass multi-tab text editor) and paste each one into a new document (you don't have to save it in Notepad++, just leave the tab open). Repeat for each app profile you want to save.

You *can* select all (in Ketarin) and CTRL+C to copy the entire list out to XML, but this has the potential of copying whatever broken app is causing problems, and is a little more work to split it back out afterwards.

Before you're done with backups you'll also want a new text document where you can record the values of the global Ketarin preferences at File, Settings. Navigate each tab and record the results so you can recreate them later.


Once the backup is complete, create a new jobs.db. You can either (with Ketarin *closed*) rename your old one to something else (like "jobs-20171209.db"), which will create a new jobs.db when you start Ketarin, or start Ketarin with the /database switch, as so:

ketarin.exe /database=newjobs.db

Ketarin will start with a new database and all of her settings will be reset. There will be no app profiles. 

Copy your settings back to File, Settings first. This ensures that any dependent variables are correctly assigned before parsing the jobs you add later.

Now, ONE BY ONE, copy the individual app XML profiles (select all, copy, switch to Ketarin, paste, test) back from Notepad++. Your testing should help you identify which one of the apps is broken and causing you problems. If you find that the issue is actually one of invalid settings (like output path, which is a common problem for apps copied from elsewhere) you can perform a find/replace in Notepad++ to replace the matching defective path with the correct value (which I strongly recommend you use a variable or a dotted root (".\{category}\") to ensure that you don't have problems when moving the Ketarin setup to a new computer, path, or drive).


If you experience an error during any phase of this process, or discover which apps are causing problems and it's not a simple path problem, let us know (share the XML for the defective app) and we'll do our best to help you fix it.

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i can. i do. i've been thru this myself with over 800 apps.

When you've got that many you can try exporting all (CTRL+A, CTRL+C) then when you paste it into Notepad++ you can bookmark "<ApplicationJob" to find the beginning of each one.

if you want to make it easier for bulk export/import, I would recommend opening two Ketarin instances (one with the old jobs.db and one with the new jobs.db using the /database argument) then export and import in groups, either by category, or first letter, or N (10-50) at a time, testing after each group. 

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