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  1. The batch file might be used on a flash drive and running on different systems with different regional settings and the date/time variables could vary. One possible solution is using powershell: Get-Date -Format yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss Untested edit: ketarin_fulldb.bat (opens ketarin with the pre-defined drive letter) @ECHO OFF SET ketarinstarter=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\ketarin.bat SET pshellexe=%SystemRoot%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe cd /d %~dp0 IF EXIST %pshellexe% ( FOR /F %%G in ('%pshellexe% -Command "Get-Date -Format yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmss"') DO SET datetime=%%G
  2. Thanks shawn, I'll test it soon, Just to clarify, there is an official MEGAcmd repository (https://github.com/meganz/MEGAcmd) and the one I found https://github.com/t3rm1n4l/megacmd which are different projects as it seems.
  3. I found an open source project to download from MEGA cloud (untested). https://github.com/t3rm1n4l/megacmd (Instructions are in Readme.md, Windows binary in the "Releases" Link)
  4. I'm less familiar with the process but it seems it is trying to find the local file to hash and compare it. Does this file exists in this folder? "D:\Unduhan\Jaringan\Mikrotik\Bugfix\chr-6.40.7.img.zip"
  5. I was sure there was a donation button in the past. Where did it go? Or should you make it? Way the go I love Ketarin!:) keep up the good work
  6. MAPJe71 thanks for your answer and the regex. Actually I already used the download page. I asked if there's a better way scraping the version number from the changelog for 2 reasons: 1) to learn and use it for other sites with cleaner approach, so it won't have future glitches. 2) Whereveris possible, I use 2 variables for the version number and compare them with a script without coding so it'll be easier to identify website changes that may break something. I'm looking for a solution to make it cleaner, for example reggexing this url for version: https://j
  7. number #2 in shawn's post seems to be the issue. Also check your user agent and spoof refferer to prevent repititive server calls, their firewall might block them.- Sha hashing should not have any issues in comparing with lower case letters so that shouldn't be it. I like these mikrotik equipment:)
  8. Thank you MAPJe71, Thats a one clever regular expression. Would you mind explaining what is your procedure how you approach the problem to solve it, (if you have any:) Actually, I thought there should be a better way to access the version number, If anyone has any idea using site inspection would be great and mind enriching. If there is no easy method should be also great to know.
  9. Can use some help please, as I don't have a lot of experience in .Net regex and javascript/HTML5. I'm tring to get SUMo version from the changlelog url (and not the download url): {ChangelogURL} http://www.kcsoftwares.com/bugs/changelog_page.php?project_id=11 {VersionFromChangeLogURL} regex I use with success: (?<=changelog_page\.php\?project_id\=11\"\>.*?SUMo.*?changelog_page\.php\?version_id\=\d+\"\>).*?([\d\.]+).*?(?=<\/) I wonder if there is a safer way and performance wise to scrape the version number. I tried using chro
  10. Hey bernicesmith. I'm also IT and pentester. First post after about 10+ years using the forums and Ketarin on and off. Nice to meet you mate
  11. hey dunry and Nooban, You can try this: ..\{category}\{appname:regexreplace: (Portable)| (x86)| (x64)| \(.*\):}\{appname} V{version}.{url:ext} it will even if you move the ketarin and downloads to another path in the future (ex: E:\new2019\Soft\Ketarin) Explanation: ".." - will change the current path to one upper in the directory hirarchy tree "{category}" - will change the path to the one sotred in the Category variable directory and create one if not existing "{appname:regexreplace:\sPortable|\sx86|\sx64|\s\(.*\):}"
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