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  1. you sir are an genius!!...thank you, i have tried and it works ....where is the "thanks" button here?
  2. Hello, i am trying to figure out how to setup Ketarin(1.70) to download software files to parent directory. For example, USBstick:\Soft\Ketarin\ I would like to setup Ketarin to download everything to Soft folder, is it possible to do that? I have read about variables, but i cant find the appropriate variable for this usage...the closest one is {startuppath}, but it will download everything to Ketarin folder. I would appreciate any advice on this. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi Tomorrow, i am getting some erros: http://i.imgur.com/nVY1et9.png ii have used tho two files you posted above Databse and Settings xml files. What should i do to make it work correctly?....can i somehow replace it by relative paths? instead of D:\
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