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Per Application Error variable


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Would it be possible to implement an error variable to output the exact error to a logfile? If it is a 403/404 or whatever.


{apperror} or something along those lines so it is 'per app'.


I'm using it more for the following


set a={apperror}

if defined a echo %a%>>error.txt

if not exist error.txt taskkill /f /im ketarin.exe


Also can we have the log screen be clearable?

The setup instruction window is always 'on top' when I am trying to look at the log for the setup instructions so if we could make it so that the log window can be viewed that would be nice.

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+1 from me too. I might have mentioned this somewhere in the past. Not critical but if there's time i would like to see this implemented.
As a newbie, I've just recently learnt ("the hard way") that the log window is the main "debugging" tool we have on Ketarin (even though Shawn had already told me so in another post, but I guess I didn't understand it back then).


So, any functionality that could be implemented for it would be quite welcome. I personally would like to be able to switch, move, resize, scroll (while both the edit window and the log window are displayed, for example) and turn on and off a word-wrap on it (sometimes some content span out of the screen). Clearing the window content to isolate a certain application output would be wonderful too! +1 :)

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