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  1. I'm not exactly "an expert" but I believe (judging from my own experiences with Ketarin) that it may very well be "picking" on the "regex quantifier" on that line (e.g.: "{0,4}" or "{1,5}" right after) - my solution in all cases were this was true was to either eliminate the quantifier, substituting it for an "+" (ilimited, greedy), or just try to "escape" the all "{" characters (JUST IN REGEX QUANTIFIERS!!! NOT IN VARIABLES!), e.g. "\{". Also, if you're editing directly (manually, in notepad) your .XML files, there's some characters that should be "converted". e.g.: "<" becomes "<" (html 'lesser than') and ">" becomes ">" (html 'greater than') inside the "values" of any field, in this case, the "Regex" field, noted by <Regex> (start of the field) and </Regex> (end of the field). So, line 18 could become: <Regex>(?:<td>.\{0,4}?(?:\w+?\s)\{1,5})+?(?:v)(\d\{1,2}\p{P}\d\d)</Regex> INSTEAD OF: <Regex>(?:<td>.{0,4}?(?:\w+?\s){1,5})+?(?:v)(\d{1,2}\p{P}\d\d)</td></Regex>
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed that, Tomorrow. I'm not a guy that's particularly comfortable with .vbs scripts, but I do enjoy them whenever I can understand what they do... (which is true in this case ) That must be quite a "kick-ass" internet... I'm "not there" yet, but maybe someday... What?!? You mean it's not "the bomb" anymore?... Am I still living in the past?... All joking aside, I tend to do that... In my first years of WinXP, I still had used a small app back from Win 3.1 that it's only function was to "call" (execute) the current screen saver... (believe it or not, it took me a couple of years to be able to finally eliminate that). I will... Maybe this weekend I'll add something to the Wiki. I just hope it "fits" right in with the content that's already there... Let's see. I'll do my best.
  3. I agree, I use it as a last resource only... (which does end up being... never! " ) but about the "crapware" (CNET installer?) it's still possible to avoid it by clicking on "Direct Download Link" right below the big "Download Now" button. I've been using FileHorse.com as an alternative to some apps that were previously setup on FileHippo.com (I'm tring to spread out the tracking source for my apps as much as possible - "no more than 25 apps at a single source"). FileHorse is an almost outrageous copy of FileHippo. " What I most like about the custom search is that I can instantaneously "refine" it (loose filter) by clicking on a specific Site that I'm looking for (to use in that particular application).
  4. Here's my list (in no particular order): http://sourceforge.net/ http://code.google.com/ http://www.softpedia.com/ http://majorgeeks.com/ http://www.filehorse.com/ http://www.filehippo.com/ http://www.snapfiles.com/ http://fileforum.betanews.com/ http://download.cnet.com/ http://en.softonic.com/ http://www.techspot.com/ http://portableapps.com/ I find it useful to have a Google Custom search for these kind of sites: This is on my bookmark: http://www.google.com/cse?cx=001600792656195818973:pgqw93wxq8g&ie=UTF-8&q=&num=50&hl=en&newwindow=1&safe=off&prmd=ivns&filter=0&sa=Search
  5. Well... If I use {version} to retrieve whatever content the web pages will give me as the last version (or current version there, online) and I use a regex applied to {file} to retrieve the current version on disk, they will certainly have different values, unless I update every single entry, every single time. With bandwidth restrictions, and wishing to know which version I currently have, {version} would give me the wrong versions for some entries if I don't update them every time. (see the image examples below) Right after a "check all for updates only": After you then exit the program, if you come back (another day); observe the difference between what is extracted from {file} and {version} : Thanks for the links. I will take a second look at those templates. The first time around I looked at them I found them a bit complex and confusing for me; besides, there is 'zero-comment' in the code, so it makes it even harder for newbies like me with no real coding experience. I saved all of those codes you pointed me towards and I know if I take my time looking at them, I will find great solutions that I can adapt for myself. I think I know how you feel... I have my Ghisler Total Commander with me everywhere I go on my pendrive. I do absolutely everything in it and from it; I like it so much I gave it as a birthday present to my father once; unfortunately, he didn't appreciate it as much as I had hoped he would... I want to help with content, but as a newbie, I have my doubts if the content I will include will be accurate enough and use the proper language and formatting; There's always the option of rolling back whatever I edit anyways (and I surely won't be offended by it), but I don't want to be an inconvenience; I want both to help new users like me with the little knowledge I'm gaining and give back a little work for a freeware program that is so helpful to us. I can see 2 areas that are really missing content right now on the wiki: Custom Columns (some examples and screen caps on the wiki are still from the time you apparently only had 1 or 2 Custom Columns fields available on the interface) property:X variables (there's only a vague reference to look at the exported XML, and I think it could be incredibly useful for newbies if the content were to be more detailed)
  6. This: <placeholder name="Software Category" value="" options="{categories}" /> or even this instead: <placeholder name="Software Category" options="{categories}" /> does not work for me here... (it seems it's not parsed - I get only one literal value of '{categories}' as an option) has this special variable been removed since then?
  7. Well... I don't think it's all "{property:X}", as I've used others in the template successfully, but unfortunately I stumbled upon {property:PreviousLocation} that will definitely prevent the template from being used. (or so I think...) I... was shamefully using it to get the filename, store in a temp variable and then use this temp variable with a regexreplace to extract the current version of the software stored on disk (to display in a custom collumn); As I was exploring the possibility of helping improve the wiki-pages for Ketarin, as you suggested, I discovered that {file} would give me almost the same result as {property:PreviousLocation} (it seems the only difference is that {file} uses "%20" notation for spaces in the path/filename, but I might be wrong about that); So, now I eliminated the 2 variables ({cur0} and {current}) I was using to populate the custom column with the current version and I just enter "{file:regexreplace:.+(\s|_)v\.([a-zR\d\.\-_]+)(\sPlugins|\-NonIE|\-PRT|\-mega|\-experimental)?\.(7z|exe|msi|rar|xpi|zip):$2}" into the "Column value:". It's not succinct or elegant, but it works... How would you do it if you wanted to display the current version in a custom column? (would you also get the value from {file} or is there another way?) Oh, man..!! How didn't I see this before?...Yes, in fact, for now it would be better for me to remove the template from the SourceForge items that were customized; Later (whenever I have the time), I can increase the complexity of the template and make it automatically adapt to those situations with yet a few more variables; Exactly as you said... brilliant! I would "give the world" to be able to see some of your templates! I'm not a programmer, so I really learn by seeing what others do and trying to understand it and adapt for my needs. I understand that you probably have a lot of templates and app definitions that you can't share, but if you could put the ones you can personally share with me and send me in a zip file (by PM or attached to a response), I would be immensely grateful. (I promise I won't misuse it or pass it around; I will only use it for reference in building my own templates) Being really honest, I was more confused than anything by looking at the few (old) templates available at the forum... I think there's lots of room for improvement on this area for Ketarin: first, there should be a more clear differentiation between "Application Template" and a "General Template" for sites like SourceForge, GoogleCode, Softpedia, MajorGeeks, BetaNews, FileHorse, etc. second, the user who created the application should definitely be identified (and possibly included in the search) third, there should possibly be a more complex rank and moderation for the online templates (give some special users the power the delete, modify, rename and lower the rank of submitted templates). I know this one would take a lot of work to implement and it isn't really practical (but still ideal)... Yes, I am! Thanks for pointing it out. This looks quite interesting; it must be really a "swiss-army-knife" Toolbar; his search examples there are borderline hilarious. I will test it (and just laugh about the "pow!" example every time I use the exclamation mark on it)... I like the idea of having the browser address field - and it's multiple shortcuts - right in my face at the taskbar; as long as it's not as heavy and cumbersome as most of the others desktop-search-toolbars (including Google's), I'll stick by it. P.S.: About helping improve the wiki-pages for Ketarin, I'm not completely comfortable with the idea yet... I just saw yesterday there was a lot of spam pages on it, and I tried to clean it, but couldn't figure out a way to delete a spam page. Also, I'm not sure how to strictly follow the language used in it and the scrict formating to help keep the whole think cohesive enough; another problem is that any screenshots I can (and want to) produce will look nothing like the ones that are already there... (take a look below); I did already produce an excel spreadsheet (grab it here on fileden - it seems I don't have enough privileges to attach files here) with a table I would like to include in this page ( Special variables ) but I think it needs still a lot of refinement. Should I send it in a PM message to floele? <<-- mine (WinXP) <<-- Wiki (Vista?)
  8. Wow! That was really interesting... I've been using the yyyy.MM.dd date format for years now, including in my custom "regional settings" for date in Windows XP. Now you've got me wondering if it's worth or not changing it all to yyyy-MM-dd... I've never encountered a problem with my format; sorting is fine, finding (with "Everything") is fine, running is fine and renaming (with "ReNamer 5.60+ Beta 13") is fine; I really wonder if I should postpone this change until it's really necessary (which basically means when I first encounter a problem), since it will probably be a lot of work... (there are already many scripts, excel spredsheets, routines, etc that are configured to use the "dot-separator" format). About the "&" character, I also have been using it... As a general rule, ever since the 8-char DOS names, I always avoided using most special characters in filenames, specially Portuguese accented characters like é, á, ç, ã, ô, etc; I even have a special "translit" alphabet in "ReNamer" to automatically Rename files that do have "forbidden" characters; but there came a point, after some years using WinXP, where I gave up and started allowing for "&" and "+" characters into the filenames. Never had any problems after that, but I guess in order to avoid future problems I could reconsider. I will have to analyze the implications of renaming all files that currently use those characters more carefully before committing to the change.
  9. It took me a while to see this because (yes, my own fault) I wasn't using a Guid on my Template... That's my current problem right now... I guess I'm not good enough (yet) at writing templates, as I don't know how to "avoid the trap" of customizing certain small characteristics and values given by the template here and there (editing some applications) and not loose these customizations when "updating" the template. A good (and trivial) example: I want to display the current version of the software in a custom column, so I have a {cur0} and {current} custom variables that's added to all my entries and included in all templates; <!-- ### cur0 = temp var. to obtain the FileName (with path) ### --> <TextualContent>-property:PreviousLocation}</TextualContent> <!-- ### current = the current version of the Software, obtained from the FileName on Disk ### --> <TextualContent>{cur0:regexreplace:.+(\s|_)v\.([\d\.\-_btalR]+(al|bt|\d|\d[a-z]))(\D.+)?\.(7z|exe|jar|msi|rar|xpi|zip):$2}</TextualContent> It took me literally hours to figure out that I couldn't have "{property:PreviousLocation}" on a variable in a Template, so the only workaround I found was to swap the first "{" delimiter for a "-"; So, now, if I update a template, the least I have to do is export all entries; edit the resulting .XML file, swap back the first "-" for a "{" delimiter on the {cur0} entry; import the .XML file back again (and loose all the current values of custom variables of all entries). Another good example is the SourceForge template: in some rare occasions, the project in question will put all of their files in a single directory, without creating a separate folder with the specific version in the folder name; on these occasions, I have to "tweak" the template's values for certain fields a little bit. If I update my SourceForge template (which is bound to happen) I will loose all those "tweaks", right? How can I avoid that? I think you had already said it before, but it took me a while (and some more experience) to realize what this meant and understand it better. It all comes down to the fact that exporting a certain entry in Ketarin's main interface and selecting "Save as type:" with "Application Template" will only give you the basic frame for you to edit and create your own template, but it will come without a Guid, and, unless you actually go to the Online GUID Generator and get one (or more) Guid to manually put in your new template, it won't be a fully-functional template, as you said. That's yet another great tip!This forum is incredibly full of tips and good content, but it's all quite "spread out" in different posts, and the posts headers will only tell "a tiny part of the story" and most times, some of the content you're trying to find isn't related to the post header at all... Unlike a few other forums (and I realize this should probably be a limitation of the IP.Board software), you can't modify or assign a specific "subject" to your Replies, so it makes it even harder to look for content without these "local bookmarks" (the "title" or "subject" of the message reply). I've only now come to realize that using a custom Google search to look for content inside the forum is a bit more efficient... (I guess, it's hard to compete will Google's algorithms and capabilities anyways).
  10. As a newbie, I've just recently learnt ("the hard way") that the log window is the main "debugging" tool we have on Ketarin (even though Shawn had already told me so in another post, but I guess I didn't understand it back then). So, any functionality that could be implemented for it would be quite welcome. I personally would like to be able to switch, move, resize, scroll (while both the edit window and the log window are displayed, for example) and turn on and off a word-wrap on it (sometimes some content span out of the screen). Clearing the window content to isolate a certain application output would be wonderful too! +1
  11. Thank you Shawn and Tomorrow, for taking interest and for all the great tips on this subject, I'm currently testing 5 different applications (including GoodSync, which I'm really liking) to see which one suits better my needs. It will be a while more before I can really decide. I'll post my impressions here once I'm done.
  12. I'm lovin' Ketarin, but there sure is "a learning curve"...

  13. Here's one more proof that I'm a newbie... I couldn't find "Robocopy"... Where can I download it to test it here?
  14. I see now... good tip! I'll definitely look into it. Maybe create a few examples/tutorials/improve the references. I didn't know it was open. This program is so damn good, I feel almost obliged to contribute and "give back" (even though I'm still a newbie). That's very good (and important) info, but the problem with my specific case is that in a few days I already changed my main Softpedia Template at least a dozen times. Until it is "mature" and really good, I'd rather it didn't make any part of the jobs I have already set up. Later on, when I feel confident enough, I can edit the whole XML and "force" the new Softpedia Template into all those apps that use the site for downloading reference (I think). It would be good if we could control whenever importing from a template, if we would like to keep or discard the template. It would same me some valuable time.
  15. I'm really liking the specs of GoodSync2Go, although it's a little bit over my budget (originally R$50 ~ US$27). Do you use it personally? Is it worth paying US$10 more for the "2Go" option?
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