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AutoUpdate application in Online Database


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I've looked around but i don't see this as possible at the moment, I was wondering if its possible to have an application in the online database be updated so that people using that application can be notified that there is an updated version of that application?


I would like to post some hotfix entries for MS office and windows and because these change often it seems it would be better to have just one application that can be updated as necessary instead of putting up version after version.


This might simply the online database that instead of having old and redundent versions that there exist more one common update per application - a bit like what linux and apple have as their application manager.


This would require some type of versioning built into the application and then also perhaps who has the permissions to updated/modify the package. Look forward to thoughts on this.



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Assuming you don't change the app name or GUID(manual only) then all changes you make to an app are always submitted to the online database after you click OK in the edit dialog.


Likewise if you download an app from the online database then it continues to recieve updates from it's creator.Im not sure how creator and users are differenciated tho.Perhaps floele can answer that.


Either way hope this helps.

Also i made a guide a while back on how to unhook an imported app from it's online database "parent": http://ketarin.canneverbe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=604

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Basically works like this


DownloadDate = DateTime.Now;
DownloadSourceType = job.DownloadSourceType;
FileHippoId = job.FileHippoId;
FixedDownloadUrl = job.FixedDownloadUrl;
HttpReferer = job.HttpReferer;
UserAgent = job.UserAgent;
Name = job.Name;
VariableChangeIndicator = job.VariableChangeIndicator;
Variables = job.Variables;
SetupInstructions = job.SetupInstructions;

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