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Auto 'Between' option in Content from URL (start/end)


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Would it be possible to add an extra 'between' text entry which we define the specific URL and Ketarin automatically finds the unique text before/after that text?


I only know it is feasible because webversions can do it




To check out what i'm referring to specifically if you open the program and right click on any app (there is a pre-defined list upon startup) click edit then click advanced options near the bottom and type in the text you want to be 'between' in the "New WebVersion:" field then click find it will populate the first before and first after for you.


I'm not sure how complicated it is to achieve but it seems like it would be extra handy and somewhat helpful/noob friendly indeed. It would also help for those of us that use obscure programs that have really stupid download links like /to/csae2fr which is hard to define in regex.

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