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Change size of Settings window(global and app related)


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Currently every other window is resizeable including main,log,error log etc.

So it seems inconsistent that the most important window is not resizeable.This is especially painful in Edit:Commands but in other tabs too where there are long lines and i have to scroll right constantly.


If the window was resizeable it would save time ;)

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You can use the context menu though to open up a separate editor.

True, but not in Settings-Commands.

And Settings window & app edit window are still limited.


Maybe add option to "Open Editor" on all input dialogs?

Or add ability to open with a 3rd party editor( I use Notepad++)


Or if not then add syntax highlighting to built-in editor?

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Just an update.As of Ketarin 1.5 Alpha the app settings window is resizeable.

Only the settings window is not yet resizeable and Settings-Commands does not have option to open in editor(although if window were resizeable then there would not be much need for it).

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