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specify user-agent globally or for specific apps


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I've found an example situation where I need to specify a user-agent for specific apps. SourceForge has now implemented some form of connection and user-agent monitoring, I suspect it's along the same lines as the CSS trick from the "Cookies for Comments" WP plugin (http://ocaoimh.ie/cookies-for-comments/).


Anyway, back to the request. Since the SF site is now tracking user-agents and sessions (you can tell based on the specific content returned in the styles), I went looking for alternatives. I know that most linux admins (including myself) use wget to download various installation packages for our servers. So, I tried that. wget is still working fine, and it uses a user-agent of something like "wget/1.2.3" - this suggests that SF would allow Ketarin to operate fine if it used a wget user-agent. However, I know of some servers (including some I manage) that explicitly forbid certain user-agents, including wget, so it would be best if it were something I could assign dynamically for each app.


While not directly related (I don't think), it would also be cool if we could re-order the variables within the variable list and assign the user-agent, referer or other advanced headers directly within the variable editor. Maybe treat variables named certain things as specific values for operations - that is, a variable named "user-agent" would be used as the user-agent for all HTTP requests. A variable named "website" and "notes" could take the place of the "website" and "notes" fields that appear on the "information" tab. Now that I'm using the variables functionality far more, I've really taken a liking to it's capabilities. But I find myself getting stuck when I want to make it do more without hacking the code.



The user-agent thing is mentioned briefly here:


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