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Ketarin shows "Update available" when it is not


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The steps to reproduce:


  1. Set Do not download, check for updates only to yes (I am not sure if this step is relevant).
  2. Right click on the app entry, click Force download. Wait till the end.
  3. Right click the app entry, click Update.

Expected behavior:

  • Status: No update.

Actual behavior:

  • Status: Update available.


  • This only happens on the first re-check (after download is finished). If you click Update again, it shows No update.
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What are you using for "variable indicator for changes" and does the website use E-Tag, file timestamps, or other indicators of file changes? If you don't tell an app what you consider different it will have to base this information on data the server may not be providing. If you aren't actually downloading the file then E-Tag and other information that it would base this determination on are not available.

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Please post the app XML for the app that's having issues. You can get this by selecting it within the main Ketarin list and pressing CTRL+C. Come back here and create a code block and paste it inside that.

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