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Accept header not sent

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One source of software that I need now requires a valid Accept header with every request. (The webmaster said they do this to cut down on denial of service attacks and other problems.)

Ketarin doesn't send one, so I get a 403 Forbidden response.
(The version on Ketarin is 1.8.8 beta 4, running on Windows 7.)

I used WireShark to capture the packets involved [ket-no_accept-forbidden-pkt (Small).jpg].

Ketarin has a way of sending an Accept header, described at
https://wiki.ketarin.org/index.php/HTTPX_protocol so I tried this URL:

That request doesn't get past the first SYN in the SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK sequence.

When I try with Firefox, I see a separate Accept field, the default that firefox uses, as in [fox-default-accept (Small).jpg].

I got to this point, and wasn't allowed to upload any more screenshots, so I moved across to my Google Drive and made a doc there with all the screenshots in it. Please see the full message, with screenshots, at




ket-no_accept-forbidden-pkt (Small).jpg

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Thanks, floele.

I wasn't able to get httpx to produce an Accept header at that address even with "&" instead of "?".

I tried again at another site that doesn't require an Accept header:

and still there wasn't any Accept header, as you can see in the screenshot [ket-forge-no-Accept (Small).jpg]
I tried it again without the "/" before the "?header . . .", with a similar result.

Ketarin seems to send the URL as entered in the recipe. It seems to me I should see in the packet a separate field
Accept: */*
like in the firefox screenshot in the Google Doc.

Have I not understood how to make httpx work?

ket-forge-no-Accept (Small).jpg

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floele, you said you plan to add Accept headers to Ketarin.

Do you plan to use a default Accept header?

Or perhaps you will let the user specify an Accept header for each recipe?

While I was finding out what Accept headers are, I came across this interesting article about the different default headers sent by different browsers, and how much more IE sends by default:

You might find it helpful, and this one as well:

Thanks again,

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Thanks for your response. It seems that the HTTPX URL does not work for lookups for variables. Have another look at the most recent screenshot. You'll see that Ketarin sends an "Accept-Encoding" field, but does not send a separate "Accept" field. Instead, it sends the "?header:accept=*/*" as part of the main URL.

Looking forward to the updated version of Ketarin, when you get time.

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