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usually this means that the site is performing user-agent sniffing and setting a session cookie in order to ensure only "real" visits are allowed to download. you can try changing the user-agent on the advanced tab, and/or attempting to handle session cookies. it's usually easier to find another source site though.

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It turns out I can get the return value of the api with Invoke-WebRequest, then put the value in textual content and process them with regex.

This is simple step for anyone who might be interested (all variables are textual content):

  1. Create {api} : Invoke-WebRequest "https://chromium.woolyss.com/api/v3/?os=windows&bit=64&type=stable-codecs-sync&out=string"
  2. Create {apiv} : {api:ps}
  3. Create {version} : {apiv:regex:(?<=version\=)[\d.]+}
  4. Create {url} : {apiv:regex:(?<=download\=)[^;]+}
  5. Done.
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