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Continue On other apps if error experienced

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If an error occurs, it requires me to intervene and click ok to proceed. I'd like to know if there is a way to have Ketarin continue and just let me debug error once the remaining apps are finished. As it is, if I'm updating 20 apps and the 5th errors while I'm away from system, the whole job goes on hold. 

I couldn't find any settings/options to allow the other installs to continue

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can you share a screenshot or other information about the error you're seeing? i've been using Ketarin a *long* time and have never had it fail to complete an update check due to an error.

i can only imagine what you're seeing is an error in an installation script. if that's the case you'll need to edit the installation script to behave and offer error trapping - which may not be possible for all packages

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Sorry, I mean that if I've completed all the downloads and am proceeding with the install of multiple apps if an error occurs on one, it's a modal dialogue requesting ok to proceed instead of logging and continuing. For instance, if one website broke my parsing, I still want to continue setting up a machine and fix that one afterward instead of all the setup packages being on hold till dialogue dismissed. 


Does that make sense?

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