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My offer to floele


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Dear floele,


Please excuse our english if it becomes too confusing for you. We believe you are German, but have posted in English.

I represent a collective of wealthy benefactors who have a team of experts that have identified you as someone who is an unrecognized genius coder.

If you would like this talent nurtured further and desire either mentoring OR money from YOSH, we would welcome you to get into contact with us.

It was one of our own members who noticed you (omniferum). Our collective found him, and he led us to you.

We offer you the same opportunity that he has taken, without the desire to make you feel guilty/responsible regardless of your choice. Any contract you sign will only be ones that guarantee we make no profit from you, and that we will own NO Intellectual Property. It will either be distributed amongst those who choose to draw their money from the YOSH pool of funds, or directly to you. Either way, we offer you freedom to become who we see in you.


Our e-mail: yosh@tuta.io [mangled now in case you have email filters on your forum system] -> YOSH data 2 ta dhot io



Y.O.S.H. (YourOpenSourceHumanity)



We are using every pathway we can find to contact Mr. Floele directly. Any assistance (if this message is having trouble finding him) would be welcome.

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