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Updating files with changing file names


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Ketarin is a super program however I have a problem.

I would like to update fx. McAfee Stinger from this page: http://vil.nai.com/VIL/stinger/

But the filename keeps changing as in stinger{version number}.exe

How can i accomplish that with Ketarin?



Is there a smart way to update files from Betanews.com and Softpedia.com just like with Filehippo?


Kind regards,


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Betanews and Softpedia are not supported currently. I'm not sure if I will, it depends on how reliable their download system is. In particular, many such download sites only redirect to other download locations instead of offering their own download, which is often rather troublesome.

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I tried downloading files from Sourceforge but the always time out. I added http://sourceforge.net to "Spoof HTTP header" with no avail. Another problem is that a lot of times I'll run into an application where the latest version will be displayed in x.x.x (f.e. 2.1.2) format while the link would be in xxx (f.e. appname212.exe). Such an example would be Launchy. Does anyone have a workaround for such problem ?

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I was using "mirrorless"approach suggested above. The link is http://download.sourceforge.net/launchy/LaunchySetup212.exe Using a mirror (http://surfnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/launchy/LaunchySetup212.exe) did help. Thanks.

What about version though ? I don't remember being able to parse out some characters using regexp so I guess those won't work either.

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To Stalker:

Maybe I commited a mistake when copying the link, or maybe there are 2 frontend servers and one is offline now.

The one working right now is downloads.sourceforge.net (downloads with final s) instead of download.sourceforge.net.

If you navigate through the full package list of Launchy you will see that the links in that page go to downloads.sourceforge.net.

You can check it for new packages.

Hope it helps ;)

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